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How will the new tax law affect lawyers and law firms? The answer is still developing and in the February issue of the Journal, you’ll get an overview of what to expect and where you can look for ongoing updates. Other articles include the duty to disclose adverse legal authority, the life of James K. Polk, and an employment law look of the #MeToo era. Also learn what it takes to be an elder law attorney, read a review of The Fight to Vote, as well as a tribute to Lewie Donelson.

And TBA President Lucian T. Pera encourages lawyers to run for office, announcing the upcoming inaugural 2018 TBA Public Service Academy. “We’re committed to strict non-partisanship,” he writes. “Having more lawyers in public office, and in the legislature, is good for lawmaking, good for the profession, and good for the public.”

Committees, Task Forces

The TBA Public Education Committee has updated The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors. The Handbook contains practical information on a wide range of topics, including issues such as applying for Social Security benefits, long-term care considerations and estate planning, as well as completely new sections addressing online security and new health care legislation. 

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The 15th Edition Alimony Bench Book is now available. TBA Family Law Section members can download the book free from the section's resource page after logging in. Others can purchase a loose-leaf printed version of this publication for $40 per book ($50 in a 3-ring binder) from the online TBA Bookstore or by contacting the TBA at (615) 383-7421. The book, which includes published and unpublished cases from Aug. 8, 2003, through Dec. 31, 2016, is compiled by the section's Alimony Committee under direction of its chair, Amy Amundsen.



Join estate planning and probate practitioners from across the state at TBA's annual forum. Speakers will address family law issues, IRA planning and best practices, Medicare benefits and our legislative update with Albert Secor of Southeastern Trust Company. The popular probate panel returns with Chancellor Jeffrey Atherton, Judge Kathleen Gomes and attorneys Matthew...

Lots of speakers warn about run-of-the-mill ethical concerns regarding technology, but only a select few understand the cutting edge concerns that are shifting the practice of law and causing ethical headaches for sophisticated lawyers. Join Stuart Teicher, "the CLE Performer" as he helps lawyers navigate the latest and sometimes not-so-greatest issues in technology...

The scariest stories are those tales where responsible lawyers who care about acting in an appropriate manner get into disciplinary trouble. In this program, we learn about the common missteps that are made by otherwise responsible attorneys. After hearing this program you’ll embark upon your career as a safer, stronger attorney.

Topics include:

  • ...
The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury has issued the Tennessee Judicial Weighted Caseload Study for the most recent fiscal year, 2016-2017. The study estimated a net deficit of 9.76 judges...
House Judiciary Committee Chair U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlette, R-Virginia, plans to introduce an umbrella music licensing bill next month,...
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