Board of Governors

The TBA Board of Governors governs the activities of, administer the business of and acts for the Association in all matters, subject to the direction of membership and provisions of the Charter and Bylaws.

TBA President
Lewis Thomason
P.O. Box 198615
Nashville, TN 37219
TBA President Elect
Lewis Thomason King Krieg &...
620 Market St 5th Floor
Knoxville, TN 37902
TBA Vice President
Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell...
P O Box 1147
Jackson, TN 38302
TBA Immediate Past President
Adams and Reese LLP
6075 Poplar Avenue, Suite 700
Memphis, TN 38119-0100
Twitter: @LucianPera
LinkedIn: lucianpera

Highlights from TBA Fall Board of Governors Meeting

The TBA Board of Governors and relevant committees met over the course of two days in October, discussing issues of importance to the association. Highlights of the meeting included the adoption of an official TBA Public Policy that recognizes and approves the Path to Lawyer Well-Being, which is the comprehensive report of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. The Board also considered recommendations from TBA’s House of Delegates, approving several section-sponsored pieces of legislation reviewed by the House. In response to concerns raised by the House of Delegates related to Tennessee Supreme Court Sanctioned Pro Se Divorce Forms, the Board voted in favor of the creation of a task force to work with other legal organizations including the Administrative Office of the Courts to collect data from practitioners, judges and clerks in order to document and properly address those concerns.
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TBA Board of Governors to Vote on Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The TBA Board of Governors on Oct. 27 accepted recommendations from the Operations Committee to amend the TBA Bylaws. These amendments provide clarification of various sections associated with board governance. A link to the most recent version of the bylaws can be found here. The amendments provide clarification and revision to the following sections: parenthetical reference to the “Association," the definition of a regularly scheduled meeting of the members, eligibility requirements for election to the Board of Governors, the rotation of election of Governors, Board authority to change composition of District and Grand Divisions, Executive Committee responsibilities, notice of meetings protocol, Board action on policy recommendations of the House (this item has only been moved to another section with no changes made), eligibility requirements for election to the House of Delegates, responsibilities of Board officers, nomination protocol, vacancies of Board membership and vacancy of officer protocol. The draft revisions will be posted for 21 days, after which the Board of Governors will vote on the amendments at a specially set board meeting. CORRECTION NOTE: The original bylaws proposal attached to this article contained an error. Here is the corrected bylaws proposal

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