Book Review

Glasby’s Fortune, a Novel

By James H. Drescher | Deadeye Press | $17.99 | 367 pages | 2017

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Lincoln’s Greatest Case: The River, the Bridge, and the Making of America

By Brian McGinty | Liveright Publishing Corporation | $26.95 | 208 pages | 2015

Most Americans believe that Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president. Lincoln was also one of America’s greatest lawyers. His folksy style made him a natural as a trial lawyer. He also handled more than 400 appellate cases, most of them in the Illinois Supreme Court and several in the U. S. Supreme Court.

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BOOK REVIEW: Reelfoot Killins’

Sometimes, no matter how certain we are in making decisions, things turn out to be different from what we thought they were. Sometimes, the facts turn out to be totally different from what we were convinced they were when we acted.

“Dateline: May 2016.”

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Book Review: Broken Scales: Reflections on Injustice

By Joel Cohen | ABA Book Publishing | $29.95 | 288 pages | 2017

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Milk and Sugar: The Complete Book of Seersucker

By Bill Haltom | Nautilus Publishing | $24.95 | 208 pages | 2016

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Fair Labor Lawyer

The Remarkable Life of New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Bessie Margolin

By Marlene Trestman | Louisiana State University Press Southern Biography Series | $39.95 | 208 pages | 2016

Bessie Margolin may not be a household name, but, it turns out, we live with her legacy every day in our everyday doings. For more than five decades, between the 1930s and the 1970s, her consummate lawyering shaped much of labor policy and labor law as we know it today and modeled the way to success for women attorneys.

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The Other Fellow May Be Right: The Civility of Howard Baker

By William H. Haltom Jr. | Keith Publications LLC | $29 | 203 pages | 2014

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