President's Perspective

Experiencing the Highest Court in the Land

“EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.” These words adorn the architrave1 atop the columns of the U.S. Supreme Court’s iconic main entrance. The grandness of this building and the solemnity of the proceedings within it are impressive to the public, but especially meaningful to members of our profession.  The courtroom is majestice, with beautiful marble columns, wooden aneling and a very high ceiling with intricate designs. Burgundy draperies with gold trim accent portions of the room. The building first opened in 1935, and the footprint of the courtroom itself is surprisingly small, compared to many other appellate courtrooms. The bench, while raised, is not as high as one might anticipate, and the justices are amazingly close to the audience.

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How Country Music Connects to Law

“If you’re going through Hell, just keep going ….
There’s angels everywhere to pull you back on your feet.”
As implausible as it sounds, a source of comfort to lawyers struggling with the pressures of the practice of law was inspired by an Irish toast combined with a quote from Winston Churchill.

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TBA Health Insurance Benefit Is Here!

Want to have good quality health insurance at 20 to 30 percent below market rates, even if you have a very small firm?

Want to save enough on your health insurance to more than cover your TBA dues?

Why do I ask? Let me give you some background information.

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Have You Helped a Lawyer Today?

As president of the TBA, I have had numerous conversations about how to help recent law school graduates transition into being competent lawyers. Even with the great job our law schools do in teaching analysis and writing skills, and providing some limited hands-on experience, their goals are tied to graduation and passing the bar exam.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law one December at the ripe old age of 24. I became a Doctor of Jurisprudence, but the elation of graduation was short-lived. You lawyers have been there. It quickly hit me that I was just weeks away from taking the scariest test of my life, the bar exam. Fail it and years of work might be for naught. Pass it and you’re in the club. Lawyer. On top of the world.

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The Legal Profession: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

The largest, most ornate framed document on my office wall does not even bear my name. It is a law license from the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas dated June 20, 1929. The recipient was my grand-
father, Harold Lee (“Hal”) Sheppeard.

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Great Member Benefits, Upgraded Website Among TBA Services

I am both honored and humbled to serve as president of the Tennessee Bar Association for the 2019-2020 bar year. In preparation for this role, I have received much advice and given extensive consideration to what projects or initiatives to undertake. First and foremost, I plan to continue the great work that is already underway.

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Closing Time

Serving as the president of the Tennessee Bar Association has been the thrill of my career so far, but it has also been a tremendous responsibility. The TBA is truly a remarkable organization, for which I take none of the credit. We have excellent relationships with the Court, law schools, rural bar associations, metro bar associations, our legislature and many other organizations.

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Branding Matters

In the mid-1990s, there was one thing in common among the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Mighty Ducks and New York Islanders; the National Basketball Association’s Vancouver Grizzlies, Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs; the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars; and Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners, Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays: they all incorporated teal in their respective logos. Teal was all the rage in the 1990s and is the iconic color of that decade.

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Spring Forward

As we transition to spring and enter the home stretch of my year as president, I am delighted to highlight two exciting new programs that we will be launching at the Tennessee Bar Association.

Reporters Workshop

The Tennessee Association of Broadcasters and the Tennessee Bar Association along with its Communications Law Section are hosting what we hope to be the first of many Reporters Workshops on May 17 and 18 in Nashville. The workshop is inspired in part by a similar program The Florida Bar has been hosting for more than 25 years. Paul McAdoo, who is producing our Reporters Workshop, co-chaired the Florida program in 2009 and approached me with the idea last spring.

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The Time is Ripe for Criminal Justice Reform

Newly inaugurated Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has repeatedly stated that one of his main priorities would be criminal justice reform, with a specific focus of spending less on prisons and creating smarter sentencing guidelines. The organized bar has an opportunity to assist Gov. Lee’s administration on this much-needed initiative.

In fiscal year 2017-2018, the Tennessee legislature appropriated more than $994 million to the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) and just over $1 billion was included in the budget for 2018-2019. TDOC’s statistics show that the total felon inmate population was 26,998 in 2008 and increased nearly 12 percent to 30,161 in 2017. The male inmate population increased 8.4 percent during this time frame, while the female population increased a staggering 58 percent during this same period. TDOC reports that its operations allow for a capacity of only 23,106 inmates.

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