Vol 55 No 10

Health Law Forum is Highlight of October CLE Programming

Now in its 31st year, the TBA Annual Health Law Forum is recognized as one of the premier health law programs in the country. The annual program is produced by the TBA's Health Law Section and features two days of programming on key issues impacting the practice area. Sessions will provide insight from health law providers, practitioners and regulators.

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Relaxed Practice

Are you stressed from people reminding you that the practice of law is stressful? Of course it is — you knew that going in! It turns out that even though we know stress is going to be there, it is our reactions to it that make the difference. “Many of us are in the human suffering business, where clients come to see us with complicated problems, both legal and emotional,” Jeena Cho writes in her blog On Well-being. “It’s a stressful profession where we necessarily place the client’s needs first. The stakes are often high, and there are many demands. Many times we’re asked to deliver nearly impossible results. The litigious nature of our legal system leads to incivility. Yet there’s little discussion about the toll this work takes on our well-being. Lawyers are often taught to ignore their emotional well-being, but that is a mistake both for the lawyer as a person and as an advocate for the client.”

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Tennessee Whistleblower Claims: A Tale of Two Cases

We’re in the midst of the most glorious time of year: college football season. Tailgates, fight songs, packed stadiums (okay, well maybe this depends on who you root for), and the blistering sound of referees’ whistles dominate this revered season in the South.

Football referees, though, aren’t the only ones blowing the whistle.

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Recognizing and Addressing Dementia in Your Clients

You just met with John, a client of many years. He was driven to your office by his son, and during the meeting he was confused and forgetful. For the first time in your presence he had angry outbursts and used profanity, causing you to feel very uneasy.

You assume that John is suffering from dementia — probably Alzheimer’s because you read somewhere that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. You note your “diagnosis” in John’s file, then draft a letter to terminate your attorney/client relationship because you believe you can no longer represent a client with dementia.

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William Tatham

Tennessee Pro Bono Lawyer

October is “Celebrate Pro Bono Month.” Let us look back to one of Tennessee’s earliest lawyers. He led an amazingly adventurous life and championed pro bono before Tennessee was even a state.

The year was 1793. What we know today as Tennessee was the Southwest Territory, the transitionary stage as a federal domain between being North Carolina’s isolated western lands and statehood. There were only seven lawyers on this rough-and-tumble frontier serving a scattered population of nearly 100,000 from the Virginia line to Nashville.1

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The Doctor Will See You Now

How Direct Primary Care Legislation in Tennessee Can Influence Public Health and Medical Economics

Imagine, if you will, a different kind of doctor’s office visit. You arrive at the office and walk right into an exam room; your doctor pops in a couple of minutes later. You spend half an hour to 45 minutes discussing your symptoms, your stress level, the fact that you haven’t been sleeping very well lately; then you have some blood work done.

You leave with a prescription, and on your way past the fish tank out the door, no money changes hands, and no one asks for your insurance information. The next day, you text your doctor with a question that you had forgotten to ask, and you get a response before the afternoon is out.

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New Services With YOU in Mind

Group Health Insurance is Highlight of New Benefits for TBA Members

What’s new? At the Tennessee Bar Association, the answer is, a lot.

New benefits, new services, new branding and a new website are all either in place or coming online soon.  And during the coming year, even more changes will take place to better serve the Tennessee legal community.

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Licensure & Dicipline


The law license of Fayette County lawyer Drew Justin Canale Jr. was transferred to disability inactive status on Aug. 21. Canale may not practice law while on inactive status. He may return to the practice of law after reinstatement, which requires a showing of clear and convincing evidence that the disability has been removed and he is fit to resume the practice of law.

The Tennessee Supreme Court transferred the law license of Williamson County lawyer Sandra Leah Wells to disability inactive status on Aug. 9. Wells may not practice law while on inactive status. She may return to the practice of law after reinstatement, which requires a showing of clear and convincing evidence that the disability has been removed and she is fit to resume the practice of law.

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You Need to Know

For the Record

Three Tennessee attorneys were honored at the Equal Justice University Awards Dinner. Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Jeffrey Bivins and Legal Aid of East Tennessee Executive Director Sheri Fox joined with honorees Jeannie Kosciolek, Lucy Boateng and Benjamin Danforth at the program.

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TBA Health Insurance Benefit Is Here!

Want to have good quality health insurance at 20 to 30 percent below market rates, even if you have a very small firm?

Want to save enough on your health insurance to more than cover your TBA dues?

Why do I ask? Let me give you some background information.

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