Attorney Well Being Committee

This Committee works to enhance the understanding of issues associated with attorney well being through education and other awareness activities. The Committee also explores programs, accumulates data and provides analysis to enhance attorney well being.

513 Fairfax Ave
Nashville, TN 372124010
Immediate Past Chair
Tennessee Dept of Treasury
502 Deaderick Street, Andrew Jackson Bldg
Nashville, TN 37243
Staff Coordinator
Tennessee Bar Association
221 4th Avenue N. Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37219

Bylaws Change Highlights TBA Commitment to Member Well-Being

The TBA Board of Governors this past week amended the organization’s bylaws to add five words that the TBA’s Well-Being Committee believes will deliver “a powerful and profound message, namely, that the organization cares about and will support individual members of our profession and their well-being.” The change makes the “well-being of the members” a part of the TBA’s purpose statement. The committee plans other initiatives to carry forward the message, including programming at the upcoming TBA Annual Convention in Memphis.

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Study Finds Lawyers Rank Highest on ‘Loneliness Scale’

In a new survey, lawyers outranked all other professional on a “loneliness scale” of more than 1,600 workers, the ABA Journal reports. Sixty-one percent of lawyers ranked above average on the scale, compared to 57 percent of engineers, 51 percent of workers in food service industry and 45 percent of workers in education services. The study was conducted partly by Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, a psychiatrist for the workplace consulting firm BetterUp.
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