Governmental Affairs Committee

The TBA Governmental Affairs Committee is involved in one of the core missions of the association – advocacy for the profession and for our system of justice.

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Ballot Language Vexes Voters

Hamilton County election officials say confusing ballot language has been the only hiccup during early voting for the Nov. 4 election. Hamilton County Election Administrator Kerry Steelman said while confusion about the four amendments on the ballot is "not pervasive," it has been "the most common concern vocalized this election." According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the amendments include arcane legal language and reference changing parts of the constitution without saying what is being replaced, and, in the case of Amendment 4, don't give voters any indication of what the amendment aims to accomplish.

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Judge: Partisan Politics Have No Place in Judicial Elections

Rutherford County General Sessions Judge Ben Hall McFarlin writes in a guest column about his experience running for office recently, urging that judicial races should not include partisan politics. "In a judge's deliberations and administration of state law, political party considerations simply have no role and should not," he writes in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal.