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50 Years of Travel, Plus Columns on Wills, Banking, Uber

To celebrate the Journal’s 50th birthday, travel back through some of the exotic trips the TBA has taken over the years -- Rome, Mexico, the Caribbean and more. This month, columnist Eddy Smith asks (and answers) the question, "Strictly Speaking, When Is a Will Not a Will?" and in her column, Kathryn Reed Edge gives an overview of interest rates. Humor columnist Bill Haltom suggests a slight career concept change … to Uber Attorney. See the entire August Journal here.

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Strictly Speaking, When Is a Will Not a Will?

“Close don’t count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”
– Hall of Fame baseball player Frank Robinson[1]

When is a will not a will, even when the testator, witnesses and drafting lawyer intend it to be a will? When the statutory requirements for execution are not strictly followed. The Tennessee Court of Appeals recently reiterated that point in In re Estate of Morris.[2] The opinion should lead lawyers to check their will forms and clients’ existing wills to make sure they comply with the statute of wills.

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