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Convicted 'Stringbean' Killer Paroled Today

John Brown, 64, who admitted to killing Grand Ole Opry and "Hee Haw" comic David "Stringbean" Akeman and his wife Estelle, was released from prison today. Brown, originally sentenced to 198 years, had been denied parole at least a half dozen times. He spent 40 years in prison. On Nov. 11, 1973, Brown and his cousin, Doug Marvin Brown, ransacked the Akemans' cabin on their farm in Ridgetop, but were apparently surprised by the Akemans as they returned home from the Opry. Brown shot Akeman as he walked into the cabin, then ran after his wife and shot her. Newschannel5 has more. In this 2004 Tennessee Bar Journal column, Don Paine wrote about the murders, the investigation and the trial.

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Haltom Looks at the Aging Lawyer in This Month's Column

In 1980, 36 percent of the nation’s licensed lawyers were under age 35, compared to just 13 percent in this age group in 2005, the ABA Journal reports. The figures come from The Lawyer Statistical Report, which is based on data from Martindale-Hubbell and compiled by the American Bar Foundation. Meanwhile, the median lawyer age also increased from 39 in 1980 to 49 in 2005. Tennessee Bar Journal humor columnist Bill Haltom has embraced these statistics, declaring himself and some of his colleagues "Legally Gray." Read his column in this month's issue.

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