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But Seriously, Folks: After 25 Years of TBJ Columns, Haltom Retires

"Twenty-five years ago I began writing this column for the Tennessee Bar Journal," Bill Haltom writes in the December issue, which is out today. "This is my 261st column. It is also my last." With that, an era ends, and you won't want to miss reading it. In his column's place, a new feature, "Spark," will hold down the back of the book. Our cover story this month is about lessons drawn from 2018 Entertainment Law cases -- yes, there was that monkey selfie -- but the principles addressed by the underlying lawsuits apply to any civil-litigation practice. TBA President Jason Pannu writes about fostering a culture of civility: "As lawyers, we have the opportunity to address the incivility plague that divides our communities. We also must do better to be respectful when dealing with one another as lawyers."

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TBJ: Social Media in Criminal Cases, the Constitution and Valparaiso

"Social media provides a fertile source for evidence in criminal cases," Wade Davies writes in his column this month in the Tennessee Bar Journal. "Suspects give prosecutors unbelievable gifts with incriminating, threatening and otherwise unbelievably stupid admissions posted online. On the other hand, defense counsel find impeachment gems on witnesses’ social media accounts — even the portions anyone can view." Russell Fowler covers an older topic, World War I and the Constitution, in his column. As you will learn, the subject is timeless. In his column, Bill Haltom writes about the debate leading to that decision against letting Valparaiso merge its law school with MTSU. Read all of the November issue.

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