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Columnists Hold High Standard for 'Journal' Writing

In this issue, columnist John Day shares some facts about Tennessee Tort Cases; Marlene Moses and Ben Russ explain orders of protection; and Bill Haltom writes why lawyers should “go out for lunch and home for dinner.” In the year-long commemoration of the Journal’s 50 years, this installment looks back over all the columns and the impact they have made on readers, including the 10 men and women who write in substantive areas today. Especially do not miss the granddaddy of them all, the column that started in 1965 with the pressing subject, "The Telephone: Friend of Foe."

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TBJ Includes Fiduciaries, Constitutional Convention of 1870

In the May issue, Nashville lawyer Scott Pilkinton examines the question of whether or not a felon can be a fiduciary. Turns out, it’s not an easy answer. Chattanooga lawyer and former TBA President Sam Elliott looks at "the two great issues" of the state's Constitutional Convention of 1870 and how it is still relevant today.

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