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TBJ This Month: Andrew Jackson, 50-Year-Olds and Harper Lee

This month in the Tennessee Bar Journal, Russell Fowler's column, "History's Verdict" examines Andrew Jackson's tenure on the Tennessee Supreme Court. And as the magazine continues to celebrate the Journal’s 50th birthday all year long, this month read about some Tennessee lawyers who were born at the same time and what law-related changes have taken place in their lifetimes. Yes, these lawyers turn 50 this year and are not afraid to admit it. Smile along with humor columnist Bill Haltom in his excitement over Harper Lee’s newly discovered sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird.

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TBJ Explores Mentoring, More

Mentoring programs have benefits not only for those being mentored, but also for those doing the mentoring. In the February Journal, learn about the lessons these unique relationships can teach us. TBA President Jonathan Steen stresses the importance of having a good working relationship with your legislator. And, as the magazine continues celebrating its 50th birthday, look at some of the legal stories that made news in the late '60s. 

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