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Journal Columns Cover Family Law, Torts, Mentoring

If you are looking for some weekend reading, catch up on the Tennessee Bar Journal columns that are in this month's issue. Marlene Eskind Moses and Benjamin Russ explain Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and state/local government pensions; John Day writes about surviving spouses and wrongful death claims; and TBA President Bill Harbison explains how important mentor relationships can be. Bill Haltom recalls two mentors he and his family lost recently, Howard and Claude Swafford -- his "two favorite courthouse square lawyers."

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Pioneering Chattanooga Attorney Selma Cash Paty Dies

Selma Cash Paty, one of Chattanooga’s first female attorneys, died Sunday (May 1) at the age of 89. After receiving her law degree at the Cumberland School of Law, she practiced for almost 70 years. She served as president of the Chattanooga Bar Association and on the board of directors for the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association. "No woman in her right mind would want to be a lawyer in 1947," Paty said in a 1990 interview with the Tennessee Bar Journal. "It wasn't a profession that a woman would consider." In the interview she recalled what it was like in law school at that time and when she began practice, such as that when firms were interviewing, "Can you type?" was often the first question. Read more from The Chattanoogan

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