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ABA Group Wants Detailed Reporting on Law School Attrition

Law schools would be required to provide more detailed information about student attrition rates under a proposed change requested by an ABA committee, the ABA Journal reports. Under a resolution approved this week by the committee, law schools would be required to break down their numbers based on students’ LSAT scores and undergraduate grade-point averages. Currently, schools only disclose the overall number and percentage of students that fail, transfer to another school or drop out for non-academic reasons. The committee says more detailed reporting is necessary to promote greater transparency and provide greater consumer protection for law school applicants.

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ABA Midyear Meeting Opens in Houston

Immigration, access to justice for persons of modest means and money’s influence on elections are just some of the issues that will be tackled by attendees in hearings and panel programs during the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. The meeting runs through Monday when the 560-member House of Delegates, which sets policy for the ABA, convenes. The Tennessee Bar Association with support from Tennessee law schools will host a reception in Houston Saturday for former TBA president Danny Van Horn. View the invitiation here

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