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TBA Leaders in DC for ‘ABA Day’

TBA President Jonathan Steen, President-elect Bill Harbison, YLD President Rachel Moses and Executive Director Allan Ramsaur are in the nation’s capital this week as part of the ABA Day legislative effort. The group will be meeting with Tennessee legislators as well as learning about issues of importance to the legal profession. The Tennessee participants join other leaders from national, state and local bar associations across the country. Learn more about the effort in the ABA Journal.

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ABA Urges Corporations to Fight Labor Trafficking

The ABA called on Fortune 500 companies this week to help eradicate human rights abuses by adopting and implementing anti-human trafficking policies consistent with its Model Business and Supplier Principles. The group also unveiled a new database to assist companies in this effort. In a letter to CEOs and general counsels, ABA President William C. Hubbard reiterated the need: an estimated 21 million people are subjected to forced labor around the world and 168 million children are in situations of child labor. Read more from group.

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