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Law School Council to Stop Certifying LSAT Scores

The Law School Admission Council, which certifies LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA data submitted by law schools for ABA accreditation, announced last week that it intends to suspend that service. The organization’s letter cites consideration by the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar to allow use of the GRE exam instead of the LSAT for law school admission. “Our board believes that certifying LSAT scores when other scores are not certified could lead to more confusion for applicants and for law schools,” the council’s chair said. The ABA Journal has more.

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ABA President Defends Judicial Nominee Ratings After GOP Senators Claim Bias

After Republican senators accused the American Bar Association of “liberal bias” in its ratings of federal judicial nominees, ABA President Hilarie Bass is defending the ratings, the ABA Journal reports. Bass said that the ABA is a nonpartisan organization and the ABA Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary “has thoroughly vetted thousands of nominees using a fair and nonpartisan process that no other organization can match.” The controversy stems from the ABA rating Nebraska lawyer Leonard Steven Grasz as “not qualified.” Committee chair Pamela Bresnahan argued that the committee had only rated four out of 53 judicial nominees as “not qualified” all year, and added that the ratings are not about personal beliefs but rather about what data is derived from peer reviews.
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