Attorney Well Being Committee

This Committee works to enhance the understanding of issues associated with attorney well being through education and other awareness activities. The Committee also explores programs, accumulates data and provides analysis to enhance attorney well being.

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TBA Adopts Policy on Attorney Wellness

In a recap of the recent TBA Board of Governors meeting, an item in TBAToday discussing the adoption of a new TBA policy on attorney wellness did not include a link to that new policy. Here is the policy that was adopted, which references the Path to Lawyer Well-Being report prepared by the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.

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Damages, Failing Insurance and Lawyer Well-Being Headline New Issue

When there is a right, there should be a remedy, but as authors Robert Dalton and David Hudson point out, Tennessee’s Constitution doesn’t include compensation to a citizen injured by a governmental actor who has violated its provisions. Read the details in the November Tennessee Bar Journal. Also, David Broemel explains what happens if an insurer fails. In his column, TBA President Jason Pannu delves into how lawyers can watch for unhealthy habits and focus on well-being -- and what the options are for help, such as the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program, when needed. Check out these stories and more in the new TBJ.

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