Attorney Well Being Committee Leadership

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Julie Sandine
513 Fairfax Ave
Nashville, TN 372124010
Immediate Past Chair
Mary Griffin
Tennessee Dept of Treasury
LinkedIn: marygriffinnextadventure
502 Deaderick St FL13, Andrew Jackson Bldg
Nashville, TN 37243

Life is about always being ready for the next adventure. I learned that lesson early on as an Airforce brat, when my family moved from Missouri to Texas, from Texas to Alaska, and ultimately settled in Tennessee. But I wasn’t through with my adventures. After graduating with a B.F.A. in Photography from NYU, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. With no more than a backpack of

Staff Coordinator
Wil Hammond
Tennessee Bar Association
221 4th Avenue N. Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37219

Wil Hammond is a Sections and Committees Coordinator at the Tennessee Bar Association. In that position, he will work with a number of the TBA's 32 sections and 16 committees, facilitating meetings, assisting with newsletters and ensuring they operate smoothly.

Prior to working for the TBA, he served as Communications Director for the Tennessee AFL-CIO, a Grant Manager the Tennessee