Committee on the Judiciary

This committee was formed in 2013.

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Study: Federal Judicial Misconduct Complaints Rarely Result in Consequences

According to a CNN analysis, few federal judges face consequences as a result of misconduct complaints, the ABA Journal reports. Nearly 5,000 complaints were reviewed for the study, which showed that without media coverage or an outside party disclosing the information, few complaints were ever made public. Since 2006, fewer than 10 cases a year were referred to a committee for further investigation, and in six of the past 11 years, no judges were sanctioned for misconduct.
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TBA President Speaks Out on Judicial Independence

“A strong Judiciary is essential to a functioning democracy,” writes TBA President Jason Long in the March Tennessee Bar Journal. “Our Judiciary is only strong when it is credible and independent. Reckless criticism of the courts and over-politicizing the selection process of our judges will undermine those goals. Lawyers are the first and best guardians of our courts.” Other comments from bar leaders are featured on the American Bar Association's Judicial Independence resource page, where the legal community has responded to recent attacks on the independence of the judiciary. The new Journal is online.

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