Court Reviewing Rule on Disciplinary Enforcement

The Tennessee Supreme Court has begun a review of Supreme Court Rule 9: Disciplinary Enforcement. If there are any proposed changes, the Administrative Office of the Courts reports, there will be an announcement and a time for public comment set.

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ABA Ethics Commission Issues Findings

The American Bar Association's Commission on Ethics 20/20 has made final recommendations about the impact of technology and globalization on the practice of law, as well as the structure for regulating U.S. lawyers. The ABA House of Delegates will consider a series of resolutions based on those recommendations when it meets in August. Discussion will center on lawyer mobility, legal process outsourcing and maintaining client confidences. Among the report’s main findings are that (1) lawyers must understand technology in order to provide clients with the competent and cost-effective services they deserve, and (2) globalization means that more clients are confronting legal problems that cross jurisdictional lines, requiring lawyers to cross real and virtual borders. The ABA Journal has more from the report

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Court Adopts Changes to Rules of Professional Conduct

The Tennessee Supreme Court today (Sept. 29,2010) adopted the first set of comprehensive amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct since the new rules became effective in March 2003. These amendments, to be effective Jan. 1, 2011, come as a result of a six-year revision process initiated by the Tennessee Bar Association, an extensive comment period and an oral argument in June 2010.

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