Governmental Affairs Committee

The TBA Governmental Affairs Committee is involved in one of the core missions of the association – advocacy for the profession and for our system of justice.

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Judge: Partisan Politics Have No Place in Judicial Elections

Rutherford County General Sessions Judge Ben Hall McFarlin writes in a guest column about his experience running for office recently, urging that judicial races should not include partisan politics. "In a judge's deliberations and administration of state law, political party considerations simply have no role and should not," he writes in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal.

Opinion: Amendment 2 Preserves Voters' Judicial Retention Rights

In an opinion piece in the Jackson Sun, attorney Bradford D. Box urges voters to support Amendment 2 in the Nov. 4 election and explains why the amendment is needed. "Our appellate judges must be accountable to the people they serve, and Amendment 2 gives Tennesseans a strong voice in every step of the process: we elect the governor, we elect the legislature and we vote for the judges in retention elections." Amendment 2, he writes, "strikes the proper balance between maintaining accountability to the people and continuing to ensure that we have the qualified, fair and impartial judiciary Tennesseans want and deserve."

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