After 20 Years, It's Time: Raising the Compensation Rate for Court Appointed Attorneys

Though court-appointed attorneys are a vital component of our judicial system, the compensation rate for these attorneys has not changed in 20 years. The Tennessee Bar Association will be urging our leaders in the General Assembly to find a solution to this growing issue, and we need your help. Take action today.

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Report: Survey on Court Appointed Compensation

Purpose: As part of the Tennessee Bar Association’s continuing efforts to increase the rate of compensation for court appointed attorneys, the TBA developed a survey to inform its discussions with stakeholders on the subject. The hourly rate for court appointed work has not changed in 20 years, making it more and more difficult for attorneys to take these cases and make a living. Through this survey, we wanted to hear directly from the attorneys working these cases about their experiences and difficulties.

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TBAIMPACT: Reach Out to Congress and General Assembly Through TBAImpact

The Tennessee Bar Association advocates on behalf of its members for the passage of legislation important to the practice of law, but from time to time it needs you to lend your stories and voice to the efforts. TBAImpact is a tool to make sure your voice is heard in the halls of Congress and the General Assembly on issues important to sustaining and improving the practice of law and administration of justice. Through TBAImpact, discover key issues facing lawyers in the legislature, and find out how you can connect with your representatives.

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