Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct Committee

As a public service, the Tennessee Bar Association works to help assure that judicial elections are conducted in a manner that will maintain confidence in our judiciary.

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9 of 10 Lawyers Recommend Retention of Justices

Nine out of 10 lawyers recommend that Tennesseans vote to “retain” the three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices on the Aug. 7 ballot. That’s the result of a Tennessee Bar Association Candidate Evaluation Poll conducted over two weeks in early June. "We want to help the voting public make an informed decision in these retention elections by compiling the views of Tennessee lawyers and presenting them broadly,” TBA President Jonathan Steen of Jackson said. “These results provide a much better measure than partisan labels as to the issue of a judge’s capabilities."

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TBA to Release Judicial Retention Poll Results Friday

The results of the Tennessee Bar Association's first-ever Tennessee Supreme Court Candidate Evaluation Poll will be released at a press availability on Friday at 11 a.m. EDT in Gatlinburg during the TBA Convention. Outgoing TBA President Cindy Wyrick and incoming President Jonathan Steen will be available to discuss the results. A special edition of TBA Today also will be sent to TBA members on Friday morning with the poll results. The TBA announced the poll last month as part of an effort to provide information to the voting public to help ensure a fair, impartial and accountable judicial election.

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