The 2014 Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors

Public education project provides information and resources for Tennesseans

The TBA Public Education Committee has updated The Legal Handbook for Tennessee Seniors for 2014. The updated Handbook contains practical information on a wide range of topics, including issues such as applying for Social Security benefits, long-term care considerations and estate planning, as well as completely new sections addressing online security and new health care legislation. 

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The TBA YouTube Video Contest

2014 Theme - "There Ought to be a Law"

Overview & Theme

How often have you said or heard it said, "There ought to be a law..." If you could put a law into place or take an existing law off the books, what would it be? Don't just complain about the state of things, learn about the process of implementing a law and propose a change. Middle and high school students are invited to participate in the Tennessee Bar Association's Fourth Annual YouTube Video Contest and create a three-minute video that explores this issue.

Some key questions to consider include the following:

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Balancing Civility and Free Expression

A statewide initiative from the Tennessee Bar Association

Can civility co-exist with free speech in today's world? That's just one topic that will be explored in a series of public conversations presented across the state this fall and spring by the Tennessee Bar Association. The initiative is designed to encourage a public conversation about the tensions between civility and free speech, the state of our public square and the challenges of maintaining civil discourse in a democracy.

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Civics & Law Academy

A "Civics and Law Academy" engages young people of middle school and high school age in learning about law and society. The purpose of an academy is to prepare young people to be participants in our democratic society. In an academy, knowledgeable, civically active adults share their expertise, experience and enthusiasm for civic engagement with young participants. Academies may be conducted by lawyers, judges, teachers, youth workers or other civic leaders.

The American Bar Association has developed lessons on many different topics that can be adapted to fit the needs of local schools and programs.

For more information, contact Liz Todaro at (615) 383-7421 or

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GAVELS Speakers Bureau

The Tennessee Bar Associations' Public Education Committee’s GAVELS Program is working to educate Tennesseans about the legal system, including significant foundational topics such as Separation of Powers, The Rule of Law, a Fair and Impartial Judiciary and Judicial Selection.

GAVELS is seeking judges and lawyers interested volunteering to speak to civic and other groups about these or related topics. Training and materials are provided for volunteers. 

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