Special Committee on Evolving Legal Markets

This Special Committee has been formed to research the evolving legal marketplace.

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Federal Court Rules Against Google, Company Could Owe Billions

A federal appeals court has ruled that Google violated the copyright of another company by using its open-source code, the ABA Journal reports. The case has wide-reaching implications for software developers over the nature of copyrighting code. The company that sued Google, Oracle, is seeking $8.8 billion in damages. Google may ask the three-judge panel to reconsider its decision, request the case be reviewed en banc, or appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Man Who Violated Judge’s Order on Facebook Sent to Jail

A Florida man who was warned by a judge to stop harassing his ex-wife was sent to jail for criminal contempt after liking a post on Facebook, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Pasco Circuit Court Judge Lauralee Westine ordered that Timothy Weiner and his ex-wife must both refrain from disparaging or threatening each other on social media. A photo of the ex-wife soon ended up on a Facebook page called “Mothers who abuse kids,” which Weiner then “liked.” Weiner was sent to jail for 60 days, although the judge later amended her ruling to time served and he was released.
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