Task Force on Judicial Conduct Rules

The TBA Task Force on Judicial Conduct Rules was appointed by President Gail Vaughn Ashworth to study Tennessee's judicial ethics rules and consider whether revisions are needed.

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Map Illustrates Potential Risk of Judicial Corruption

Last month the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, upholding a Florida law that bans judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting campaign donations. At issue was public confidence in the judiciary, given that lawyers and potential litigants are more likely than average citizens to donate to judges' campaigns. The Institute for Southern Studies created a map showing whether each U.S. state holds judicial elections and, if so, whether the state bans solicitation of campaign contributions by judges and to what degree.

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Ginsburg: Our System is Being Polluted by Money

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said if she could overturn any of the decisions made by America’s highest court in the past 10 years, it would be the Citizens United ruling—the sweeping 2010 decision that expanded corporate personhood. “I think our system is being polluted by money,” Ginsburg said during a presentation at Georgetown University Law Center. She said she is optimistic that “sensible restrictions” on campaign financing will one day be in place, the Guardian reports.

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