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California Lawyer Wins Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

The Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction has been awarded to California attorney Cynthia E. Tobisman, who earned the title for her second published novel, Proof. “The spirit of To Kill A Mockingbird is the spirit of one person’s ability to make the world a little more fair. That the selection committee saw that spirit in my book is something that I will treasure forever,” Tobisman said. The award is given by the ABA Journal and the University of Alabama School of Law each year to a novel-length work of fiction that best that best illuminates the role of lawyers in society and their power to effect change. Earlier this year, Nashville lawyer Chris Kelly earned the top prize in the Tennessee Bar Journal's fiction contest.

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Witnesses, Circuits and Procrastination: TBJ Has It All

In this month's Tennessee Bar Journal, Knoxville lawyer Wade Davies writes about rules for non-sequestered witnesses. "I usually try to write this column about something to which I think I know the answer. I’m not sure about this one," he writes. "Is it still the law that if the prosecuting witness is not sequestered he or she has to testify first?" Read it and see. Chattanooga lawyer Russell Fowler looks at the history of the Circuit Court, starting with judges who rode their horses to make the rounds through the circuits. And we almost didn't get to this one ... bringing back the lost art of procrastination. Memphis lawyer Bill Haltom reminds us that the best counsel is not always the fastest answer. The July TBJ is here.

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