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Put TBJ-Reviewed Books on Your Gift List

If you are still looking for a gift for the readers on your list, check out the reviews of two books in the December Journal. Gary Shockley reviews John Dean's book, The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It. The book is based on "transcripts of more than one thousand White House conversations taped by the infamous Nixon taping system — less than half of which had ever been transcribed before," Shockley writes. "Even today, four decades later, the story both fascinates and repels." 

David Wade reviews The Widow Wave: A True Courtroom Drama of Tragedy at Sea. "If you try lawsuits, you will run into yourself on virtually every page of this book," Wade writes. "This book is a great excursion into a real trial wrapped into all the trappings of real trial lawyers who, even though they are at the height of their professional acumen, still agonize over decisions they must make during trial and the impact they will have on the sacred trust to protect the client’s interests. No work of fiction can ever beat that."

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Humor: Haltom Warns About Christmas Tree Discord

If you are going to get your Christmas tree this weekend, read Bill Haltom's column in the December Tennessee Bar Journal first. In it he reveals why divorce lawyers love Christmas trees. "Remember folks, it took a crew of 17 big men at the Christmas tree lot to hoist the tree on top of the van. But once I get home, it’s Daddy’s job to personally lift this giant Sequoia off the minivan and carry it (the tree, not the minivan) into the house," Haltom writes. "My wife and I snipe at each other for hours while I clutch the Christmas tree and experience Yuletide acupuncture, as thousands of pine needles pierce my aching body. After several crash landings, we somehow manage to balance the tree. Of course, by this time, my wife and I are in no mood whatsoever to trim the tree, since we’ve stopped speaking to each other. Talk about Silent Night." Consider yourself warned, everyone, and happy tree decorating.

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