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The Tennessee Bar Journal editorial board reviews submissions and helps shape the editorial policy of the monthly magazine.

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Call for Entries: 'Journal' Announces Fiction Contest

The Tennessee Bar Journal usually keeps just to the facts, but this summer the publication will publish some outright lies — or what some call fiction. The winning entry of the First Annual Tennessee Bar Journal Fiction Contest will appear in the August issue. The magazine's Editorial Board announces the competition with the purpose of celebrating and encouraging lawyers' creative sides and to provide an outlet for lawyer-writers as they seek to illuminate the law and the lives of lawyers through fiction. The original work should touch on something law-related, no matter how slight. The deadline is May 31, so get to work!

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Banking, Estate Planning … and Someone Named Juris P. Prudence

Here's what you can expect from Tennessee Bar Journal columnists if you haven't gotten all the way through this month's issue yet. Kathryn Reed Edges looks at what the Trump Administration will mean for bankers. Eddy R. Smith explains why Tennessee is an attractive jurisdiction for establishing and maintaining trusts, and Bill Haltom writes about the introduction of a fictional character sure to steal the hearts of law-loving kids everywhere.

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