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Haltom Book on Howard Baker's Civility Reviewed

In the January Tennessee Bar Journal, Nashville lawyer Gary Shockley reviews The Other Fellow May Be Right: The Civility of Howard Baker, a book by Memphis lawyer and Journal columnist Bill Haltom. In his column, Haltom suggests that there is only one man who can bring the two-party system back to Tennessee. Find out who it is (or did you already guess it is Lewis Donelson?).

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350 Issues Later, 'Journal' Looks Back Over 50 Years

The Tennessee Bar Journal celebrates the Big Five-Oh this year, publishing its 350th issue this month. Each issue of 2015 will feature a stroll down memory lane -- in January, in conjunction with the magazine's Access to Justice emphasis, it looks at how the bar's view of pro bono has changed over the years. Also, columnist Marlene Eskind Moses looks at criminal contempt in family law asking "Can criminal contempt create compliance?"

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