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3 Honored With Joe Henry Award for Journal Articles

Nashville lawyer Benjamin K. Raybin, Memphis Lawyer Amy J. Amundsen and former Nashville attorney Jeffrey L. Levy were honored on Friday with the Justice Joseph W. Henry Memorial Award for Outstanding Legal Writing at the Tennessee Bar Association’s annual Convention in Kingsport. The award is given each year to a member of the TBA who contributes the most outstanding article to the Tennessee Bar Journal. Raybin won for his article “Pardon Me: How Executive Clemency Works in Tennessee (and How It Doesn’t),” published in August 2016, and Amundsen and Levy were honored for their point/counterpoint articles, “Confusion / Clarity: Two Family Law Attorneys on How to Balance Best Interests of Children and Doctor-Patient Privilege,” published in May 2016.
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Defending Trade Secrets, Jason Long's Last President's Column and More in June Bar Journal

Read about the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act from Nashville lawyer Andrew B. Campbell in the June issue of the Tennessee Bar Journal, out today. Jason R. Smith explains the dangers of plea agreements that provide for concurrent Tennessee and federal sentences. In his last column of his term, Tennessee Bar Association President Jason Long tells the secret of his presidential success as he thanks the TBA staff members who have been instrumental to his year.

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