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Granny Pods, Employment Law … and Setting Up an Office at the Wal-Firm

Pick up your copy of the current Tennessee Bar Journal for some weekend reading and you'll find a variety of subjects by our crackerjack columnists. Edward Phillips and Brandon Morrow write about subjective beliefs in two recent age discrimination cases and Monica Franklin looks at the new “granny pods” that are now legal in Tennessee. Nick McCall reviews Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis and humor columnist Bill Haltom considers setting up his office at the Wal-Firm. Read the entire October issue here.

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October TBJ: Alimony, Pro Bono and Fred Gray

Even when income changes dramatically at retirement, alimony in futuro does not change without asking the court for a modification. This may be a shock to your clients, but Memphis lawyer Miles Mason Sr. explains it in this new Tennessee Bar Journal. October is “Celebrate Pro Bono Month” and Chattanooga lawyer Russell Fowler looks at President James A. Garfield’s good example as a lawyer doing pro bono. The Journal also highlights civil rights icon Fred D. Gray upon the opening of an institute named in his honor. TBA President Jason Long examines the core values and principles that define us as lawyers and the profession. Read the October issue.

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