Unauthorized Practice of Law

This committee reviews UPL issues presented by attorneys, the courts or local bars. It has developed a sample protocol for use in handling complaints on individuals or businesses endangering Tennessee consumers through the unauthorized practice of law.

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Dealing With the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Tennessee

How does the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee work with attorneys and the public in protecting consumers from the unauthorized practice of law? Former Committee Chair Sean Lewis provides the answers.

CBA President: Unauthorized Practice of Law a Danger to Public

Chattanooga Bar Association President Paul Hatcher warns of the danger of the unauthorized practice of law in a Hamilton County Herald column. Hatcher cites his disagreement with a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed in which the author praised non-licensed paralegal services and criticized bar associations and state attorneys general for bringing suits against unauthorized practitioners. “Our law license assures Tennessee consumers that we have a basic level of training and competence as required by the State of Tennessee, and that we have access to the courts,” Hatcher states. “That license is a valuable asset to us as lawyers, but it is valuable to the public as well.”

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