Report: TennCare Dropped At Least 220,000 Kids Due to Incomplete or Errant Paperwork

Between January 2016 and December 2018, at least 220,000 Tennessee children lost or are slated to lose health insurance because of late, incomplete or unreturned TennCare eligibility forms, The Tennessean reports. Most participants in TennCare are automatically renewed for coverage each year; however, when important plan changes or updates are necessary, the organization until recently required families to mail hard copy forms in lieu of filing or updating their information online. Some families maintain that the process was needlessly confusing and hard to navigate, with research by the Tennessean showing that TennCare representatives were rarely able to determine if the children even qualified using the now replaced model. TennCare Commissioner Gabe Roberts said that the numbers also reflect families who likely did not complete the paperwork because they are no longer eligible for the program.

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