Social Media and Animal Cruelty

A controversial YouTube video in which an owner ‘pranked’ her Doberman pinscher has sparked accusations of mistreatment and conversation on what constitutes abuse, the Washington Post reports. The owner, Brooke Houts, posted a video of her putting plastic wrap on her door to have her dog attempt to run through it “just see what he does” and was later seen slapping the dog, pinning him down and appearing to spit on him. Professor of property and animal law at Michigan State University David Favre told the Post what “constitutes animal abuse varies by the language in the laws in each state” and that “cases involving bruising an animal or breaking its skin can be grounds for someone to be prosecuted … smacking and pushing might be disrespectful, but it’s not necessarily illegal.” The Los Angeles Police Department investigated the accusations against Houts and “determined it didn’t rise to the level of animal cruelty.”

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