U.S. Soccer Federation and USWNT Players Agree to Mediation

U.S. Soccer Federation and the 28 women’s national team players who filed suit in March over pay inequity and other workplace issues have agreed to head to mediation shortly after the Women’s World Cup ends on July 7, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Wall Street Journal recently released a report that may help the players’ case. Based on audited financial statements from the federation, the report states that in the three years since the 2015 Women’s World Cup win, the women have generated nearly $1 million more in game-related revenue than the men made. Further, the lawsuit claims that between March 2013 and December 2016, women’s national team players could earn no more than $99,000 for playing and winning 20 games in one year, which is 62% less than men’s national team players would have earned in the same series.

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