Winery Websites Unclear How to Comply with ADA

Fifteen New York wineries have been named in a suit filed by a visually impaired woman residing in Brooklyn, Forbes reports.  She uses screen-reading software to access website content for businesses. However, the suit claims that these wineries are in violation of ADA rules by not making information on the website, like hours of operation and winery location, compatible with screen-reading features. One California-based law firm that deals with many aspects of the beverage alcohol industry claims that the courts have not made it clear which businesses must make websites ADA compatible. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Justice does not have guidelines for wineries seeking to make its website ADA compliant. The article notes that World Wide Web Consortium, an international standards organization, has Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that wineries can utilize, but there is no federal law stating that following these guidelines makes a winery website ADA compliant.

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