Create Success in Your Practice and Your Life

1. Develop a Vision:
• What do you want to be remembered for?
• Where would you like to be in five years - ten years - thirty years?
• Share your vision with your family and friends, your staff and anyone else who can help you make it happen . . .
• And with someone you'll have to "answer to" if you don't make it happen.

2. Create a "Living Business Plan"
• Keep it uncomplicated, flexible, with specific goals and time frames
• Review it frequently
• Revise it as needed
• Is it doable?
• Does the plan motivate you to achieve your goals?

If you’re scratching your head over taxes, here’s some information that might help. This is a recent notice for small businesses from the IRS.

The Small Business Community on ( has made significant content changes to help with filing taxes this season.