Business Law Forum 2014: Issues in Drafting Contract Insurance Provisions

Event Types: 
CLE Programming
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 9:00am
Tennessee Bar Center
221 Fourth Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37219
United States

Many contracts that lawyers prepare and review for business clients include insurance provisions. However, those provisions can be complex and include quite specialized language. This program is intended to provide analysis of insurance requirements and suggested language for insurance provisions in several types of contracts that business lawyers frequently encounter. The contracts to be discussed include commercial real property leases, agreements pertaining to loan transactions, construction contracts, and agreements pertaining to mergers and acquisitions. The presenters will discuss typical insurance provisions in each of these types of contracts and pitfalls of some common provisions. The program is intended to be useful for transactional lawyers and others involved in advising clients regarding the various types of contracts covered.