Court Square Series 2012 - Columbia (Live Program)

Event Types: 
CLE Programming
Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 8:30am

This three-hour program held in Columbia is designed to provide attorneys with the latest developments in multiple areas of the law. Speakers in this year's program include:

Brandon Bass of Law Offices of John Day will cover the basics of negligence in tort cases. This session will help you be prepared when a call comes in from a potential client with an injury claim. The client thinks they know who to sue, but you’d like to make sure the client has picked out the right defendants and that it’s worth your while to get involved. This session will help you get a handle on evaluating potential cases and pursuing basic negligence claims from intake to claim resolution through this program.

T. Wayne Hood of Butler Snow, whose practice focuses on financial institution regulatory law, will discuss liability issues for unauthorized deposit account transactions. It happens to your clients, and it can happen in your own practice. Today there are more ways than ever for unauthorized transactions to occur in deposit accounts. What are the rules and who is responsible when the trusted office manager writes unauthorized checks, the hacker secretly installs keystroke malware and steals the password to your online banking service, or an imposter convinces your financial institution to wire funds out of your trust account? Wayne will give an overview of the law in Tennessee relating to unauthorized maker signatures, unauthorized endorsements, and fraudulent electronic transfers.

Robert Laird of McKenzie Laird PLLC whose practice focuses on corporate law, business transactions and securities issuances will discuss the business formation process, choice of entity and issuances of equity. This session will help you decide what company structure to advise your client to form based on the goals of the business, the number and type of owners or investors and the preferred governance structures.