Drafting Legislation for the General Assembly: A Pathway to Excellence

Event Types: 
CLE Programming
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 9:00am
Legislative Plaza
301 6th Ave North, LP 12
Nashville, TN 37243
United States

This program provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to learn more about how legislation is prepared, drafted, and reviewed. Attendees will take away templates and samples of legislation, form and style guidelines used by the Tennessee General Assembly, and a very helpful drafter’s checklist. If you have ever wanted to develop your ability to help your firm or a client with a legislative issue, but did not know where to start, or if you need an in-depth refresher, then this program is for you.

Items to be covered:

• The Role of the Office of Legal Services

• The Role of the Tennessee Code Commission

• Necessary Steps to Follow When Drafting A Bill and An Amendment

• Common Pitfalls Made by Drafters and How to Avoid Them

• Form and Style Guidelines Used by the Tennessee General Assembly