VA CLE Credits: Accreditation

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CLE Programming
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 12:00pm
At your computer
United States

In this session attorneys will become familiar with the Department of Veterans Affairs system and the types of claims commonly requiring attorney assistance.

This session will cover the following:
1) Introduction and accreditation - application, initial CLE, annual certification, and continuing CLE requirements
2) Representing a client before the VA – engagement letter, pre consultation, filing the claim, and fee requirements
3) Basic eligibility of benefits

While this program facilitates VA accreditation it is an ideal introduction to VA benefits even for those attorneys who are not seeking accreditation.

Because the VA’s regulations require completion of qualifying CLE “during the first 12-month period following the date of initial accreditation by the VA,” the VA will not accept CLE courses taken and before accreditation as satisfying the requirements of 38 C.F.R. Sec. 14.629(b). Therefore, you must be accredited by the VA prior to attending this training in order to use this training to satisfy the VA’s CLE requirement for accredited attorneys. Applications for accreditation as a claims agent or attorney (VA Form 21a) or as a service organization representative (VA Form 21) are available online at The applications are relatively short and simple, and the approval process generally takes approximately 30 days.