LAVPA: Information for Attorneys

How to Get Involved with LAVPA

Individual attorneys and law firms with an expertise in patent law can volunteer in a few ways:

LAVPA Attorney Roster

Volunteer attorneys are needed to provide direct pro bono support to individual inventors who have applied for the program. Once you complete the LAVPA VOLUNTEER FORM you will be added to the attorney roster and contact list. We will send you regular e-mail notices about clients who need assistance. If a client’s matter interests you, respond to the LAVPA Coordinator to be paired with the client. In circumstances where no volunteer attorney is quickly recruited, the LAVPA Coordinator may recruit proactively among registered volunteers who have indicated they have experience or knowledge in the areas pertinent to the client’s needs. The program has acquired malpractice insurance to cover an attorney participating in the program. 

Out-Of-State Attorneys

Attorneys licensed in at least one other state, residing in Tennessee and admitted to practice before the U. S. Patent and Trademark office may participate in this program. Many attorneys acting as corporate counsel fall into this category. The programs  malpractice insurance will cover attorneys that meet this criteria.  

Educational Outreach

Volunteer attorneys are needed to conduct a one-hour education seminar with inventors explaining the basics of securing a patent for an invention and demonstrating how to complete a Provisional Application. The seminars will be set up by the TBA throughout Tennessee communities.

LAVPA Advisory Committee

In addition to providing direct pro bono support for individual clients, opportunities exist for firms and legal organizations to support LAVPA through the Advisory Committee. The LAVPA Advisory Committee is working to build sustainable support for the program through financial sponsorship and technical assistance. Members of the Advisory Committee also provide expertise in program implementation and best practices. Members of the current council include:

Please complete the online LAVPA VOLUNTEER FORM to let us know how you would like to help.

If you would like to get involved with LAVPA, contact LAVPA Cooridnator J. Scott "Skip" Rudsenske, (615) 277-3207.

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