A career service for Tennessee attorneys and law students, TBA JobLink is a job seeking and recruitment tool available at no charge. Whether you have a position to fill or are seeking employment, this site will guide you through a simple process to post your information.

Joblink users can either be an "Employer" or a "Job Seeker." Employers can post jobs, review resumes that have been designated as public and review resumes from job seekers that contacted them about an open position. Job seekers can create a resume (create it online or upload a pdf file), review advertised jobs, contact employers that have posted jobs and publish their resume for all to see or only those they designate.

It's easy to set up a Joblink account, whether you are already a TBA member or not. (Note: If you are not already a TBA member or CLE customer, you will need to register on the site and enter/verify your information.)