September, 2013

Cover Story

A sordid underworld that most people do not believe exists is thriving in the United States. Human trafficking, an umbrella term describing various forms of exploitation of persons, is commonly thought to be contained to distant countries like Thailand, India or ex-Soviet nations. However, the reality is that human traffickers operate within the United...

Cover Story

Human trafficking is a complex issue, and while there is increased awareness about the prevalence and severity of this crime, it is still largely misunderstood. Victims are modern-day slaves, trafficked for a variety of purposes, including commercial sex, agriculture and other forced labor. They do not fit stereotypes, and while women and children make...

President's Perspective

As difficult as it is for me to believe, I will soon celebrate my 20th anniversary as a lawyer. As I look back over my legal career, I realize how blessed I have been to have a number of wonderful mentors who taught me many of the finer points about the practice of law. From these mentors, I have learned things such as the importance of civility in the...

Letters of the Law

Stress How Legislative Efforts Benefit Everyone

This letter was written to TBA President Cynthia Richardson Wyrick in response to her column, “Your Profession Needs You.”

Book Review

By Keel Hunt | Vanderbilt University Press | $27.50 | 248 pages | 2013

This review gives you two opinions — one from Judge Walter Kurtz and one from Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle.


Josie Beets has joined the Tennessee Bar Association staff as public policy coordinator, after serving as a legal assistance attorney at the Fort Polk Office of the Staff Judge Advocate in Fort Polk, La. She has also been a staff attorney at Acadiana Legal Services Corporation in Lafayette, La., and in New Orleans in the the Louisiana...


The Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) has joined a nationwide effort to increase the number of lawyers committed to providing needed legal support to servicemembers, veterans and their families. Organized by Army OneSource, the Military Legal Assistance Campaign is focused on identifying and training volunteers who can assist families while a servicemember...

Licensure & Discipline


The following lawyers were transferred to disability inactive status pursuant to Section 21 of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9. They may not practice law while on disability inactive status but may petition the Tennessee Supreme Court for reinstatement upon showing by clear and convincing evidence that the disability has been...

Crime & Punishment

Corporate crime is big news. Lawyers practicing in Tennessee face an increasing likelihood of being asked to assist business clients in responding to an allegation of criminal wrongdoing. To protect the business and to avoid inadvertent harm to others (and your license), counsel must both understand the attorney-client privilege of an organization.

Family Matters

It is sometimes said that the law struggles to keep up with societal developments. Undeniably, however, the social sciences, and most notably psychology, have played a significant role in family law developments over the past 50 years. Although arguably slow to change, our legal system is indeed evolving. We no longer abide by the time-honored assumption...

Paine on Procedure

John Knight Shields served on our Supreme Court from his election in 1902 until his resignation in 1913. He became chief justice in 1910.

He was author of the majority opinion in Cooper v. State, 123 Tenn. 37, 138 S.W. 826 (1910). That case covered the notorious shootout in downtown Nashville where Edward Ward Carmack ended up dead.

But Seriously, Folks

Fifty-five years ago, my mother enrolled me in an institution of lower education, Frayser Elementary School. On the day after Labor Day, 1958, Momma took me by the hand and walked me to our neighborhood school, just a block from my house. We entered the school house doors and did not have to go through metal detectors. Momma took me to Mrs. Oswald’s...