Ask the TBA Membership Maven

Dear Maven,
Another lawyer here in town said she used office space at the Tennessee Bar Center when she was in Nashville for a client meeting. How can I get in on a deal like that? Was this just a special favor to her or can any TBA member like me have a place for meetings in Nashville?
In the Dark

Dear Mr. Dark,
I’m glad you asked and I’m happy to enlighten you! This is one of those membership benefits that is not so well known, but I aim to fix that. Here’s the scoop.

The Tennessee Bar Center in Nashville has conference rooms available for mediations, depositions, meetings — about any work event you might have. Reservations are required, but there’s no charge to TBA members! Just call the office at 615-383-7421 to reserve a space. We also have three small member-services rooms with a desk, computer and phone available on a first-come first-served basis. So, if you’re downtown and need a place to catch up on some billable hours between appointments, you can work right here in the Tennessee Bar Center!

Dear Maven,
I’m a new solo attorney in Tennessee. Sometimes I could use advice from others, but I don’t know where to turn. Any ideas?
Needs Direction

Dear Needy,
Well, you have come to right place and I won’t steer you wrong! There are a whole bunch of your colleagues who are so generous with their knowledge that they will answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and give you the lay of the land about any courthouse in Tennessee.

They do this via TBALink-Talk, an active forum to exchange information. Login to your TBA profile and click Email, Notifications & Newsletters on the menu bar. Click on Manage Your Forum Preferences and scroll down to TBALink-Talk to subscribe. Once you’re in, you can read all the posts live or by daily digest. And when you’re ready, ask that question that’s been driving you crazy.

To ask the TBA Membership Maven a question please email or her alter-ego, Kathy Prescott, the Tennessee Bar Association’s membership director.

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