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I’ve been kind of … uuummm … under-motivated lately. I have the … aaaaawaaaaawh …doldrums and some bad habits. I mean my practice is doing fine and my life is OK, but I’m feeling stuck, in a rut, a productivity vacuum. I want to upgrade myself! What should I do?
Fabulous on the Inside

I don’t know what’s holding you back, but the TBA Convention will launch you toward your personal and professional peak! An extra valuable program is happening this year. It’s called “Better Next Year” and it’s a cornucopia of ideas, resources, projects and people to show you exactly how to thrive! I call it … Super Attorney Training!!! The convention is June 12 through 15 and you totally need to sign up right now.

I’ve recently had to renew my liability insurance and I’m just not sure I’m getting the best coverage for my hard-earned dollars. And, on top of that, my health insurance rates just went up and because I don’t have time to research I just keep paying the higher rate. AND as if that weren’t enough, my aging parents are going to need a lot of help from me in the near future and I’m not sure how to do that. There’s a lot to keep on top of and it’s impossible to be an expert on everything! Do you have any advice?
Yours truly,

Dear About to be In-The-Know,
Ooh, you are going to be so pleased! THE TBA HAS HIRED YOU AN EXPERT! That’s right; Graham Swafford is your insurance agent. He has been hired to answer all and any of your questions.  You should call him right now! 615-383-7421 — even just to say hi. He is so nice and he knows everything about long-term care, professional liability, life and health insurance. You name it, Graham knows it!

So take some pressure off yourself. You don’t have to know all the answers because Graham is here to figure things out. His email address is

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