Tennessee Bar Journal

Sep 2014
Cover Story
Suzanne Robertson

When Janice Holder was deciding what to do with her life after college, she gave going to law school the same chance as being a teacher, a paralegal or a Pan Am flight attendant. She applied for all of these — and was accepted by every one of them.

“I decided I would go to law school to see if I liked it,” she says now from her office in the...

President's Perspective
Jonathan Steen

Sometimes you can learn about the most amazing things just through casual conversation. While attending a conference a few years ago, I struck up a conversation. We exchanged the usual information, where we were from, what type of work we did, and so forth. When he learned that part of my practice involved defending medical professionals, he asked me if...

Book Review
Gary Shockley

 By Luke Harding | Vintage | $14.95 | 345 pages | 2014

Licensure & Discipline


Davidson County lawyer Edward T. Kindall was reinstated to the practice of law on July 2. He had been suspended Dec. 26, 2013, for one year, retroactive to May 13, 2013.
Hamilton County lawyer H. Owen Maddux was reinstated to the practice of law on July 18. He had been suspended on Aug. 9, 2013, for nine months...

Day on Torts
John Day

Most lawyers know that the General Assembly has determined that Tennessee juries cannot be trusted with determining compensatory damages in tort cases involving serious injury or death.[1] And that employers rarely should be held responsible for even capped punitive damages arising from reckless conduct of their employees.[2] And that beekeepers[3] and...


Sharon Lee is Next Chief Justice

The week after Justice Sharon G. Lee won a retention election for an eight-year term to the Tennessee Supreme Court in the Aug. 7 statewide election, she was elected by her colleagues on the court as chief justice. She has been a member of that court since 2008; she will be chief effective Sept. 1. Before her...


Justices Retained in Statewide Election

Tennessee voters chose to retain all three Supreme Court justices in the Aug. 7 election. Despite a big money campaign against them, Chief Justice Gary Wade and Justices Connie Clark and Sharon Lee all survived to new eight-year terms on the state’s highest court. Complete results compiled by the Secretary...

Family Matters
Marlene Moses

Forced marriages may seem to those in the United States like a remote problem that largely takes place in other parts of the world. When one reads new stories of child brides and scant civil or human rights regarding marriage, even in the modern era, most people envision a place that is very far away and culturally different.[1] However, growing amounts...

But Seriously, Folks
William Haltom

I don’t tweet. I also don’t quack, bark, meow, oink or moo.

But all across the country, thousands of lawyers are tweeting these days as if they taw a puddy tat!

A “lawyer’s brief” has long been considered an oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp” or “liberal Republican” or “Tennessee Vols winning football season.” But a “tweet” is limited to a 140...