Letters of the Law

A Little Law School Rivalry

I want to say “Amen” to Bill Haltom’s “In Defense of UT-Knoxville” article in your January 2016 issue. I attended a different law school, and I must admit that, on occasion, I have been guilty of looking down my nose at the Big Orange law school. I even may have indulged in making derogatory comments to my UT partners and friends (Donn Southern, Marty Regan, Brad Lampley, just to name just a few).

However, after careful study, I have determined that, if a lawyer is going to practice in Tennessee, a degree from the UT Law School is a very valuable and desirable asset — you can tape it to your windshield and park in the handicapped parking places!

— Bill Bruce, The University (University of Virginia), 1959

Sen. Bumpers Column Appreciated

The following letter was written to Bill Haltom, who writes the regular Journal column, “But Seriously, Folks.”

Thank you for writing the article on Senator Bumpers (“Remembering the Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town,” TBJ, February 2016). I grew up in a small town outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and have admired Senator Bumpers since I was a boy. It is very likely that a faded “Bumpers for Senate” sticker is still clinging to the rusted bumper of the last farm truck my Dad owned. Dale was a true southern gentleman. I mailed Senator Bumpers a copy of his autobiography and explained that my Dad was a loyal supporter. He autographed it and returned it to me with a very nice note for Dad, which I presented as a Father’s Day gift years ago.

I wish we could return to a political climate where men such as Dale Bumpers could once again be heard. I fear that day has long passed.

— Marcus M. Crider, Waller, Nashville

Advance Care Planning Column Very Helpful

The following letter was written to Monica Franklin, who writes the regular Journal column, “Senior Moments.”

Your (and Dr. Phelps’) article on Advanced Care Planning in the February TBJ (“Advance Care Planning: When Law and Medicine Intersect,” written with Dr. Greg Phelps) was one of the finest I have ever read on the subject. Thank you.

— Mark A. Rosser, First American Title Insurance Company, Knoxville

‘Dick Davis’ Article Helps in Practice

The following letter was written to Russell Fowler about his February article, “The Defense of Dick Davis.”

I enjoyed reading your article on Dick Davis in the Journal (“The Defense of Dick Davis,” February 2016 TBJ). I thought it had great historical value and I appreciated it, as I handle a lot of appointed criminal cases. 

— Matthew J. Crigger, Brentwood

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