Tennessee Bar Journal

Oct 2014
Cover Story
Andree Blumstein

The Tennessee Supreme Court has just issued an opinion holding that — as required by Tennessee Rule of Civil Procedure 56.04 — an order granting or denying a motion for summary judgment must contain a statement of the legal grounds on which the decision is based and that the statement contained in the order must be the product of the trial court’s own,...

President's Perspective
Jonathan Steen

On Nov. 4, Tennesseans will have an opportunity to amend our state constitution that will change the way appellate judges are appointed and retained in our state. The Judicial Selection Amendment, also known as Amendment 2, sets forth the way we select our judges who serve on our statewide appellate courts. The text of Amendment 2 will appear on the...

Book Review
James Thomas

By Joel Cohen | American Bar Association | $18.95 | 339 pages | 2014

Licensure & Discipline


The Supreme Court of Tennessee reinstated the law license of Shelby County lawyer Elbert Jefferson Jr. on Aug. 28. Jefferson was temporarily suspended on July 14 for failing to respond to the Board of Professional Responsibility regarding a complaint of misconduct. 


FordHarrison’s co-managing partner Herb Gerson has been appointed to the executive committee of Ius Laboris. He also will chair the organization’s Americans Committee. Ius Laboris is the world’s largest, integrated alliance of human resources and pensions law firms. At FordHarrison, Gerson focuses his practice on domestic and...


Herbert Slatery is new attorney General & Reporter

Herbert H. Slatery III was unanimously selected the new Tennessee Attorney General by the state Supreme Court Sept. 15. He will replace Robert Cooper Jr., who has served in the capacity for eight years.

Slatery has been Gov. Bill Haslam’s chief counsel since 2011. Prior to that...

But Seriously, Folks
William Haltom

Let’s face it, we are getting old. By “we” I mean America’s lawyers. And by “old” … well, we’ve all known what that means ever since we stopped adding the words “and a half” when asked our age. When I was a pre-schooler, and someone asked me my age, I would proudly announce “5 and a half!” But now that I’m 62, believe me, I don’t say, “I’m 62 and a half...