Tennessee General Sessions Handbook

Judge Brigham and Mr. Norris have achieved something unique: a thorough, well researched handbook that is nevertheless easy and pleasant reading. Efficiently organized by civil and criminal matters, and then in the chronological development of a civil or criminal lawsuit in Sessions Court, it is easy to get the knowledge you need to get up to speed.

Example: no one really likes reading about execution, levy or garnishment. We tend to struggle to learn these areas when a debtor doesn't voluntarily satisfy a judgment. But with the Tennessee General Sessions Handbook, an understanding of Rule 69 and execution on judgments can be achieved painlessly and quickly because chapter 5, "Securing Relief," is well written.

Likewise, you want to know if the admissions of the accused are admissible in a preliminary hearing, or if Miranda may be implicated. Chapter 17 on "Defendant's Rights" holds the answer, with ample references in support.

Need a form? The Handbook comes with the civil forms you need on a CD.

You can order this very useful book at M. Lee Smith LLC's Web site. Just type "mleesmith.com" into your browser and then click on "products." But be warned: you might start researching a particular area and get hooked and read it cover to cover. That's all right, though, because you'll become a more competent Sessions Court practitioner if you do.

CHARLES “CHUCK” CERNY is a judge in Knox County General Sessions Court.

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