Time for a Refresh!

New Website Features Will Give TBA Members New Level of Online Services

Tennessee Bar Association members will experience a new level of online services when they visit the newly refreshed TBA.org website later this month. After several months of development and collaboration among TBA members, staffers and the Member Central team in Austin, Texas, the TBA’s website is set to emerge with a new look and new features that will serve members as the organization moves forward into 2020 and beyond. Watch for the changeover in mid-January.

Every TBA member will have their own MyTBA page to track their individual interests, events, activities and CLE.

“We are excited to launch this new edition of the website,” TBA Executive Director Joycelyn Stevenson said. “The TBA is dedicated to serving the needs of Tennessee lawyers, and we believe this new website will help them in their practice, in their professional development and in their service to the Tennessee legal community.”

First and foremost, the new web platform gives members more information and more tools for managing their TBA membership, their continuing education and the other TBA services they rely upon. The new “My TBA” section, for example, gives each member a personalized page full of information related to their practice areas, their CLE needs and records, their upcoming events, their involvement with TBA sections and committees and more.

The site also incorporates Member Central’s association management system, allowing the TBA staff to provide a better member experience using a web platform that can improve and adapt to serve their needs. Member Central has been involved with bar associations and other legal organizations since its founding more than 20 years ago, so the platform is geared toward providing the unique tools a legal association needs. Among its clients are the Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis bar associations.

Change Your Password

Because the TBA maintains high security standards and encrypts all passwords, we will not be able to transfer your existing password and login information to the new TBA.org platform. That means you will need to establish a new password when you visit the new site.

The good news is that this process is easy. Here’s what you will need to do:

   1. Go to TBA.org and select the “Member Center” tab in the top right corner.
   2. Select I forgot my username or password.
   3. Type in the email address you use for your TBA account.

This will generate an email to you with a link to create a new password and a reminder of your current username. This link will expire in 24 hours.  If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. The email will have the subject line “Login Reset Request for Tennessee Bar Association.” It will be addressed from the Tennessee Bar Association with a return email address of

Make note of your new password or store it in a password manager for future use.

The new site will offer a number of new features for members, the Tennessee legal community and the general public, including:

  • A more modern design that is better organized and allows for the use of more visual features.
  • A greater incorporation of new TBA branding. Launched last summer, the new TBA logo, color scheme and typography provide a contemporary brand that utilizes abstraction to create levels of deep integrated and subtle meaning. All of this is incorporated and reflected in the redesign of the websit
  • A more robust search feature. The new site’s search engine provides a more complete search of the website and provides more detailed results for help speed users as they look for resources on the website.
  • A separate and more complete area to help guide the general public when individuals are looking for help finding a lawyer, looking for legal resources or searching for pro bono assistance.
  • A more detailed and better organized calendar system that allows for separate calendars for various TBA groups so that individual lawyers can better keep track of upcoming events and programming that affect them.
  • A My TBA page for each member that will make it easier to track your CLE hours, practice area activities, benefits, upcoming events and recent transactions.
  • A fully responsive design of both the website and electronic newsletters so that all are easier to view on mobile devices. More than one-third of all visits to the TBA.org website are conducted using a mobile device.
  • A new design for newsletters that allows for the use of more photos and graphics.
  • A new e-community section for each TBA group. These e-communities will allow each section, committees, division or group to easily share files, photos and videos, as well as keep track of upcoming events and activities.

    Sections, committees, divisions and other TBA groups will now all have e-community pages for sharing documents and reviewing articles, photos and videos.

“The TBA has a long history of providing up-to-date electronic services to its members,” TBA President Sarah Sheppeard said, “and we believe this new version of TBA.org will carry on that tradition.”
The TBA’s entrance on to the world wide web came in the mid-’90s, when its Law Office Technology & Management Section launched TBALink, a new service that would provide “a means to incorporate computer technology into the practice of law.” The TBA was one of the first bar associations to venture online, going live even before the American Bar Association.

Writing in the July/August 1995 Tennessee Bar Journal, Chattanooga attorney Stuart James detailed how the new service would work, including advice on what speed you would need for your dial-up modem and what exactly a “hyperlink” would do. James noted that while the internet might be a foreign place for many, “there are, however, growing numbers of the TBA membership who have “surfed the Web” and become a part of the information superhighway.”

James also credited the vision and leadership of Knoxville attorney Howard Vogel and the volunteer efforts from Jim Moore, Paku Khan, Lucian Pera, Bill Ramsey, Gary Hunt, Robin Atwood, Julie Warner, Paul Billings and Mark Nolan. Their work, he said was crucial in establishing what they hoped would be “a true service” to TBA members.

The newest version of the TBA website hopes to carry that tradition forward by providing the valuable services lawyers need today and into the future.

BARRY KOLAR is assistant executive director of the Tennessee Bar Association. TBA Access to Justice Director Liz Todaro was project manager for the development of the new  TBA.org website, working closely with TBA IT Coordinator Dave Bevis and others on the TBA staff to complete the implementation.

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