Update: The Law Launch Project

Last fall, The Law Launch Project began following 15 members of the Class of 2014 as they wrap up law school and prepare to be lawyers. Let’s check in on what they’re saying.
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I read those books that tell you all the secrets of surviving your first year of law school.  Pretty much just made me want to puke.  What had I done?

Laughter is so important to our survival in life and in law school.
We are so lucky to have some of the most hilarious professors in school. 
They make us laugh, laugh with us and I am sure, laugh at us when we aren’t around.

I can tell you where I was when I found out I got into law school. …
I about hit the floor and went into immediate panic mode.
A million questions raced through my mind.
What the heck just happened being the first one. Should I go?
Was it time to take a leap out of nursing, the only thing I had ever done,
and go do this crazy law school thing? Could I really go to law school and be a lawyer?
The answer to all of them was yes.

We were baby law students that [first] day we all lined up on the front steps
of school for our class picture.  Over half of us are gone now and the rest of
us probably don’t look as happy and healthy as we did back then.
But, we have almost made it. This is almost done.

In the words of the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett, if we weren’t all crazy we would all go insane.  So relax and laugh.

Law School by the Numbers

I notice a trend among 3L’s … we have become mathematicians. Well maybe not full-fledged mathematicians, but we are sure doing a lot of counting these days … most of which is counting down. I know I am as guilty of this as anyone … in just a few hours I will be down to 3 days of showing up for classes. Notice I didn’t say 3 days left … so maybe some of that “thinking like a lawyer” has sunk in over the last three years because I am counting in a light most favorable to my position. This counting down has got me thinking about some things … so here goes my law school experience by the numbers. (Please excuse my math if a few of these are rounded off; after all if I could do real math I would have gone to medical school … right?)

  • 1,003 days from the first to the last day of law school (broken down in other ways that’s 86,659,200 seconds or 1,444,320 minutes or 24,072 hours or 143 weeks (rounded down)),
  • 33 classes
  • 88 credit hours
  • 1,672 hours of setting in class
  • 418 days of classes
  • 44 absences
  • 1,309 hours commuting
  • 67,320 miles commuting
  • 3 different vehicles
  • In excess of 500 diet Mountain Dews. (I so wish Belmont had Coke products available.)

I am so happy to be on this side of these numbers, and I am glad I didn’t do the math in 2011. The reality is just now beginning to sink in that Law School is now but days away from being an accomplishment and not a goal to start one day.  I have talked and written many times about focusing on the career after Law School even while in Law School … but allow me to bask in the accomplishment and to congratulate my friends and colleagues who are about to graduate.  Job Well Done!

This column is taken from Brett Knight’s April 1 blog post on The Law Launch Project. He will be finished at Belmont Law by the time this magazine is published.