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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Oregon Law Practice Management] Everything TECHSHOW – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
I Want It All! I had hoped to offer readers a post to all 2015 ABA TECHSHOW tweets, but after cultivating about 1800 from Saturday and Friday’s sessions, Storify crashed. The Bad News The Storify script failed and the story was lost. … Continue reading →
[Law Technology Today] The Business of Legal: Sales is Not a Dirty Word, Part I
My co-contributor for this month is Allen Rodriguez, Chief of Product at ONE400. Prior to co-founding ONE400, Allen served as the Director of Attorney Services at LegalZoom and lead the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service operations. Boasting a 17-year legal career, Allen provides mentorship at legal hackathons, speaks on the future of law, and presents on marketing strategies for lawyers. Over the past several articles, I’ve focused on creating a set of metrics for...
[Law Technology Today] How to Avoid Six Perils of Law Firm Accounting
One of the most difficult areas for small law practices is financial management. Legal accounting requirements are unlike any other business, and the penalties for errors are significantly more severe than in other companies. The success of your firm depends both on how you practice law and how you run your practice. Join us on Wednesday, April 29th for our free webinar, How to Avoid Six Perils of Law Firm Accounting and learn the unique nature of legal accounting and the solutions to the...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] 60 Sites in 60 Minutes – 2015 TECHSHOW
Yesterday I presented a compilation of the popular 60 Apps in 60 Minutes (iOS edition).  Today’s post is dedicated to 60 Sites in 60 Minutes – another excellent presentation from the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. As before, thank you to the helper monkeys … Continue reading →
[Avoid a Claim] Business loan collection scam using the name Michael Kapoor
Three Ontario firms notified us that they received an email from the purported Michael Kapoor looking to retain them with regards to a breach of a business loan agreement. This is a classic bad cheque scam that presents as legal matter requiring the assistance of a lawyer. In this scam lawyers will be duped into wiring real funds from their trust accounts after depositing a fake cheque received as payment from the debtor (who is part of the fraud). See our Confirmed Fraud Page for more of an...
[Law Technology Today] Making Your New Practice Management Software Work
Whether converting paper to 1s and 0s or migrating from one practice management system to another, the change is a challenge. It can be frustrating at times, and that frustration can get the best of you, and even seasoned lawyers and consultants like myself. You’ve already put forth time and money in hiring a consultant like myself, and choosing a system that meets the demands of your firm. You’ve even invested effort into getting the new practice management system up and running but something...
[Avoid a Claim] Inside the Lawyer’s Mind Part 5: Resilience
The last trait we look at in this series is resilience.  A lawyer high in resilience is receptive to criticism and feedback and is not defensive. He is less likely to take criticism personally and is better at focusing on accomplishing the task at hand. If he suffers a loss or is rejected, he will bounce back easily. With all the challenges lawyers face, you’d think we score high on resilience. Not so. As Dr. Larry Richard states in this LAWPRO article, the average lawyer scores in the bottom...
[Avoid a Claim] Are You Being a Lawyer or Building a Practice?
Jay Harrington, writing in Attorney at Work, describes the journey from student to lawyer as a “well-lit path”, while figuring out the direction of one’s legal career is like venturing off into uncharted territory. There can be many routes to get where you want to be, as long as you have a clear destination in mind. Are You Being a Lawyer or Building a Practice? says that without having a clear idea of how you want your practice to evolve, one is only ‘being a lawyer...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Inside the Lawyer’s Mind: Autonomy
Following up on his previous post on lawyers’ personality traits, Ian Hu (practicePRO and Claims Prevention Counsel at LAWPRO) discusses autonomy, a trait that helps lawyers do their job but makes them poor bedfellows in a law firm environment. Dr. Larry Richard states in our LAWPRO magazine article “Herding Cats: The Lawyer Personality Revealed” that studies suggest high achieving lawyers score in the 89th percentile of this trait, which measures the degree to which a person is sensitive to...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] 60 Apps in 60 Minutes – 2015 TECHSHOW
60 Apps in 60 Minutes is always a popular presentation at the ABA TECHSHOW.  This year, I used Storify to cultivate the top apps recommended for iOS devices by the esteemed Jeff Richardson, Joe Bahgat, Tom Mighell, and Adriana Linares.  … Continue reading →