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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Oregon Law Practice Management] Disabling “Reply to All”
This tip originally appeared in Best of TECHSHOW - Tips and Tricks courtesy of Reba Nance. If you don’t want recipients to forward your e-mail messages or use “Reply to All,” you can disable this functionality.  Rita provided the instructions for … Continue reading →
[Law Technology Today] Think Strategically About Your Resolutions
Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a time for your firm to resolve to make some changes and stick with them throughout this year – unlike that gym membership. Consider the following five firm resolutions for the New Year: Change your passwords: Recent data security compromises at stores like Target and other security breaches involving simple passwords should compel you to update your debit card PIN numbers and change your usernames and passwords from your old standbys. Many of the...
[Thoughtful Legal Management] Why Embrace Leadership?
♫ And I’m hangin’ on best as I can Cause I know this whole crazy ride’s in Your hands It’s Your plan… ♫               Music, Lyrics and recorded by: Dustin Lynch. What business are lawyers in?  This is the fundamental question that we face at this time.  Many would answer that question that we are in the business of providing legal services.  But are we?  Is that the best way to characterize what we do? And why is this important? This is vital, in my view, for one...
[Law Technology Today] The Management Issue: Law Practice Magazine January/February 2014
Every other month, the ABA Law Practice Division publishes a new issue of Law Practice Magazine featuring insightful articles and helpful tips regarding marketing and client development, finance, legal technology and practice management. The January/February edition covers management and leadership. In this issue, learn what tools are needed to not only be a great manager, but a great leader at your law firm. Here are a few highlights: Customizing Chrome By Erik Mazzone “Eleven customizations...
[Law Practice Advisor] Guest Post: Working with Disabled Clients: General Considerations
Wheelchair Racers (Photo credit: PMillera4) Most attorneys spend their entire careers fine-tuning the art of managing the attorney-client relationship. Each attorney-client arrangement is different, of course; but, there are special situations that require deeper consideration than your more run-of-the-mill engagement. Attorneys who are considering working, or who will work, with disabled clients, must determine how they will rearrange their processes, to respect their clients’ needs. Today’s...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Is Notarization Confusing? Attend a Free Seminar
Oregon Notary Laws changed radically last year. Learn the ins and outs by attending one of the free seminars announced by the Oregon Secretary of State: Brush up your notary knowledge and get the answers to your questions by attending … Continue reading →
[Reid My Blog] Appeal Court Rules Anonymous Yelp Reviewers Must be Revealed
As on-line marketing continues to evolve consumers reviews continue to gain importance to almost any business, including law firms. However, anonymous negative consumer reviews can be harmful, and a growing number of law firms are vexed with inexplicable negative reviews of self-proclaimed clients that cannot be identified as ever having been a client of the firm. The Virginia Court of Appeals, in a decision that is sure to grab attention throughout the country, ruled that Yelp must reveal the...
[Law Practice Advisor] Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot: Best of the Guests
  RI – Newport: Seamen’s Church Institute (Photo credit: wallyg) It’s that time of year again, when we take a break from real blogging, and spend some time doing our versions of a clip show. Last week, we compiled our best blog posts from the year that was — which means that, per tradition, this is the week that we catalogue our best guest blog posts from the past year, because: what kind of hosts would we be, if we did not? Don’t answer that. With a big hee-haw, then,...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] 2014 ABA TECHSHOW
The PLF is a proud promoter of the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW. Learn and network with legal technology experts from across the country, March 27-29, 2014, at the Hilton Chicago.  Save money on registration with our discount code EP1416.  Visit > News for details.
[Law Technology Today] Call for Nominations: James I. Keane Memorial Award
The delivery of legal services is changing, and lawyers must learn to adapt to this new world in order to be successful in the coming era. This is why the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force was created, to take the initiative and examine ways lawyers can use electronic resources to deliver legal services more efficiently and cost-effectively. In a nutshell, eLawyering refers to all the ways lawyers can practice law online using associated technologies. The eLawyering Task Force is recognizing...