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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

Below you will find the Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed, brought to you by the Law Office Technology & Management Section of the Tennessee Bar Association. "PMA Pipes" is an RSS newsfeed that was designed by the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center. It combines posts from the blogs of Practice Management Advisors from across the United States, as well as the ABA's Site-tation blog, into one convenient location. The blogs brought to you by this feed include: Law Practice Matters, Reid My Blog, Law Practice Tips, Law Practice Advisor, The Last Word, Thoughtful Legal Management, and Compujurist, among others.

Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Practice Advisor] Held in High Estimation: Don’t Forget to Pay Your Taxes!
Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013) April 15 is just around the corner; and, you know what that means: It’s again time to pay the taxman. One of two certainties of existence comes around again. But, if you opened your own law practice this year, you’re not only filing taxes for last year: you’ll also need to start paying taxes for this year. When someone else is paying you as an employee, they’re (hopefully) taking out your taxes, Social Security and Medicare contributions for you; when you’re...
[Thoughtful Legal Management] Must See: Helen Lawrence at The Stanley
♫ These days go by And they’re gone before you know it So come on, open your window Let the light shine in This is life don’t miss it…♫ Lyrics, Music and recorded by Francesca Battistelli.   It is not too often that I get to write about technology and theatre.  However, to every rule there is an exception.   And this is an exceptional exception. Helen Lawrence is playing at The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in Vancouver  until April 13, 2014.  This is a world premier. If you...
[SC Small Firm] Newly discovered computer bug causing widespread problems
Dubbed the “Heartbleed Bug,” it’s been around for perhaps two years, but was just recently discovered. It has been called “as bad as it is possible for a security flaw to be.” The bug undermines the security of thousands of websites that use the popular security software OpenSSL (signified by the “https” in a URL or that little lock icon). Unfortunately, experts believe it can render your PC, phone, email server and other services vulnerable also. Since the extent of the damage is still being...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Making Money: Maximizing the Business Side of Practicing Law
Law is both a profession and a business. So what pearls of wisdom did the experts at the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW have to say about the business side of law practice? Read on… How Are We Doing? According to Lexis’s … Continue reading →
[Law Technology Today] Quick Hits Friday: Security! Security!
The “heartbleed”  bug has caught everyone’s attention, and turned it to security. Mashable has a good article with a chart on affected sites, and where they stand in terms of patching the security hole. Over on Lifehacker, there is an important note about checking not just if the patch has been deployed, but if the companies have revoked and reissued security certificates. Good time to remember the comment to Rule 1.1: [8] To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Five ways to have a better morning.
For those of us who struggle with mornings, hit quadruple snooze until our iPhone alarms lap each other, and despise the early morning meeting; Here are five ways to get your day in gear, and on the road with time to spare. 1. Get a real alarm clock and place it across the room. It’s […]
[Law Technology Today] Now Available: “iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition”
The ABA Law Practice Division is delighted to announce the publication of iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition. The book is now available for purchase from the ABA Webstore. The bestselling ABA book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers has helped thousands of attorneys learn to use the iPad in their law practices. Fully revised and updated to reflect the newest versions of the iPad and the latest apps available, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition, will help attorneys get more out of...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Cyber Security – Horrifying Stats and Tips for Dropbox Users
For the last two weeks, I have been featuring a potpourri of posts gleaned from tweets posted during the ABA TECHSHOW.  Today we explore cyber security with extra bonus tips for good measure. Cyber Security – Numbers, Trends, Protecting Your … Continue reading →
[Law Technology Today] Why I Loved ABA TECHSHOW Just A Little Bit More This Year
Every year, I get really excited for ABA TECHSHOW. I always register early…pretty much as soon as registration opens (I start stalking the ABA TECHSHOW website in the late fall to see what’s going on). Technology has always been a huge interest of mine (I worked for Apple as a Creative Trainer in my past professional life before the law) so going to ABA TECHSHOW is one of the highlights of my year. It gives me the chance to experience all the things I love together at once: cool techy...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] You’re Sold on the Cloud, Now What?
Good question! Fortunately, we can glean a lot of good ideas from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW: Security, Ethics, and Questions to Ponder Snoops, Thieves, and Idiots – The Weak Links in Cloud Storage via @betabeat – @JackSmithIV RT @VIIVOkey Securing … Continue reading →