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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Avoid a Claim] LAWPRO Student Magazine: What do law firms look for?
Law students – like all students – are prone to anxiety about their career prospects. High-profile news about the employment challenges faced by new grads in the U.S. and changes in the articling requirements for Ontario have combined to create a climate of worry. But worrying about trends and generalizations can obscure the fact that the employment relationship is, in essence, an interpersonal relationship. Each successful employer/employee match happens because an individual firm takes a...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Learn About the Future of Law From Disruptive Innovation in the Market for Legal Services Webcast – Live Now
There is a great live webcast from Harvard today (March 6) on disruption and the future of law. It is a must listen if you are interested in these topics. Live stream is here: Conference Hashtag: #PLP_Disrupt Featured Speakers are: Chris Kenny, Chief Executive, Legal Services Board, Harvard Business School Clay Christensen, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School William Hubbard, Incoming President of the...
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam using the names Edward Morgan and Assa Abloy UK
An Illinois firm notified us that they received an email from the purported Edward Morgan of Assa Abloy UK looking to retain them with regards to a commercial debt collection. This is a classic bad cheque scam that presents as legal matter requiring the assistance of a lawyer. In this scam lawyers will be duped into wiring real funds from their trust accounts after depositing a fake cheque received as payment from the debtor (who is part of the fraud). See our Confirmed Fraud Page for more of...
[Thoughtful Legal Management] Management, IT and Law Firms
♫  Doin it right, doin it right Doin it right, doin it right The blues bands cookin and the drummers burnin down Doin it right on the wrong side of town!!!  ♫ Lyrics, music and recorded by the Powder Blues.   Law firms like to think that they do things rather well.  Exceptionally well, as a matter of fact. Particularly the biggest ones. Only problem is, not everyone agrees with that perception.  Take Casey Flaherty for example.  Casey just happens to be the General Counsel at Kia Motors...
[The Last Word] Is it Time for Office 365?
If you’re like me, you can only absorb and assimilate so much change at one time. I think that’s one reason lawyers often stick with old – or even completely outdated – software. Even more than we dislike the “unnecessary” expense of the upgrade we hate the disruption having to learn something new causes in […]
[Avoid a Claim] LAWPRO Student Magazine: The dangers of social media and how to avoid them
Although social networking tools offer lawyers many interesting new ways to interact with people in both personal and work spheres, there are some risks associated with using them. Before you venture into social networking, consider Section 5.5 of the Law Society’s Practice Management Guideline on Technology (“Technology Guideline”). It states, “Lawyers should have a reasonable understanding of the technologies used in their practice or should have access to someone who has such understanding...
[Avoid a Claim] Monthly fraud summary for February 2014
February was a fairly “average” month in terms of the number of fraud-related emails sent to us by lawyers and resulting blog posts. We got 229 emails and posted 12 new fraud warning posts. 68% of the emails this month came from the U.S., 23% from Ontario, 2% from elsewhere in Canada and 7% from overseas. Here is the latest that map showing where emails to ‘’ orginated. (click to enlarge) Here are the email fraud posts we did in February sorted by scenario:...
[Law Practice Tips Blog] Time Management by Buckets and Lists
Time management is a challenge for us all these days. There are so many more distractions and so many more electronic avenues for assignments to come our way. It is a constant struggle to maintain productivity and a constant goal...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Free Shred Day for Multnomah County Lawyers
The Professional Liability Fund is providing free shredding of legal files on Saturday, March 15, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Oregon State Bar Center parking lot. Mobile shredding trucks from Recall, a document management company, will be … Continue reading →
[The Last Word] Does “The Cloud” Raise Storm Warnings at Your Firm?
Ever since Formal Opinion 2010-02 cleared the way for Alabama Lawyers to utilize cloud-based services in the practice of law, I’ve received more and more calls from lawyers who are interested in the benefits and advantages of internet-based practice management and other systems but are still afraid to allow confidential firm information to reside on […]