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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

Below you will find the Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed, brought to you by the Law Office Technology & Management Section of the Tennessee Bar Association. "PMA Pipes" is an RSS newsfeed that was designed by the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center. It combines posts from the blogs of Practice Management Advisors from across the United States, as well as the ABA's Site-tation blog, into one convenient location. The blogs brought to you by this feed include: Law Practice Matters, Reid My Blog, Law Practice Tips, Law Practice Advisor, The Last Word, Thoughtful Legal Management, and Compujurist, among others.

Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Practice Advisor] Night Time is the Right Time: Gaining Perspective from the Law School Experience
My latest contribution to Clio’s (award-winning) Small Firm Innovation group blog (on the May theme of ‘law school wish list’) has me suggesting a number of methods for changing the way law schools do business, while channeling the archetypal, wizened old night student. You can read more, here.
[Law Practice Tips Blog] Managing Tasks and More Tasks with TaskTask
I've heard several office workers say they they seem to "live" in Microsoft Outlook. While I encourage lawyers to use practice management software to organize their practices, I know many of them rely on Microsoft Outlook for day-to-day calendar management,...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers: A Great Collection of Practical Tips
Looking for some good reading for the long weekend? Head on over to Attorney@Work and grab a copy of the Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers. Will a bit of help from some of their travelling friends, Merrilyn, Joan and Mark have put together a great collection of tips for lawyers that want to get some work done away from the office. It is a must read for every mobile lawyer.
[Law Technology Today] This Week in Tech – June 29th
Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of June 29th: Google made some major announcements at Google I/O 2012, including a new Google Nexus tablet, Google Chrome for iOS, and the Nexus Q media streamer. Research in Motion continues to struggle, and has announced that it’s delaying the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Apple is reportedly planning a major overhaul of it’s iTunes software, integrating it more closely with iCloud. The Gmail app...
[Avoid a Claim] Real estate bad cheque scam by Wang Mesh
Two Ontario lawyers have notified us that they’ve been contacted by the purported Wang Mesh to act on real estate transactions that look like an attempt at a bad cheque fraud. As with scams of this type, it appears that this fraud is a set-up for a request to return real estate deal deposit monies paid with a bad cheque. This is a similar scam to those we’ve seen recently under the names Kin Hang Cheung and Hideki Kazuhiro. It is also the same name we’ve seen attached to a...
[Law Technology Today] Building Your LinkedIn Profile (An Excerpt from “LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers”)
Adapted and excerpted from LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers by Dennis Kennedy and Allison C. Shields. Your firm or personal Web site is your “home base” online, and your Profile is your “home base” on LinkedIn. Your Profile is where people go to find out information about you, and it is where much of your LinkedIn content resides. You can also think of your Profile as an online “living” resume or biography. Building Your Initial Profile When you set up your account, LinkedIn will automatically...
[Avoid a Claim] Collaborative family law agreement scam by Trina Yato
A lawyer in Indiana and one in Texas have notified us that they’ve been contacted by the purported Trina Yato with regards to a to a collaborative family law agreement dispute. This is a fraud we have seen before under several other names and similar scenarios. For details on how this fraud works and a full list of names attached to it see our Confirmed Fraud page. Here is the initial email: From: Trina Yato [] Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:41 AM To: lawyer...
[Law Technology Today] Quick Tip: E-Signatures Made Easy
Paperless is a big deal for lawyers today.  Properly implemented, a paperless office can save time, money, and a lot of headaches.  But paperless processes tend to breakdown when it comes time to apply the signature.  Suddenly, the document you’ve created, edited, shared and stored electronically has to be printed out just so you or your client can affix a traditional ink signature. You can save the frustrations and keep your practice paperless by using e-signatures instead.  Mac users...
[Compujurist] Become a Google “Power Searcher” for free online with new course
If you've ever wished that you could be better at searching the Internet using Google, now may be the time to get your wish. Google is offering a free online course Power Searching with Google …a short course on becoming a great internet searcher starting July 10, 2012.
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam by Albert Robbie
Two Ontario lawyers received an email from the purported Albert Robbie with regards to a commercial debt litigation scam. For examples of other names attached to this kind of fraud see our Confirmed Fraud Page. For an explanation of how this fraud works see our Fraud Fact Sheet. Here is the initial email: From: Albert Robbie [] Sent: June 27, 2012 9:25 AM To: lawyer name Subject: Legal Consultation Dear Counsel I wish to humbly request your legal...