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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[The Last Word] Are You E-Verifying?
Although the Beason-Hammon immigration act was signed into law over a year ago, questions about it’s requirements continue to come up, as evidenced by a call we received from a lawyer this week, so I thought it would be worthwhile to post about the act’s application to lawyers providing indigent defense services. Under the terms [...]
[Avoid a Claim] Real estate lawyers: This fraud is for you!
Do any of these names ring a bell: Kin Hang Cheung, Haru Hayate or Hideki Kazuhiro? OR – is someone from overseas asking you to act on a real estate matter? Is a real estate agent you know sending you new business from an offshore client? Be wary: Real estate lawyers like you (as well as real estate agents) are being targeted all over the continent by a new fraud scam. To date we’ve heard from lawyers in Toronto (purchase of a Niagara property), Ottawa, London, Barrie, Orillia,...
[Avoid a Claim] Trademark infringement scam by Elias Machta
Two New York lawyers have just reported to us that they received the following message from the purported Elias Machta. This scam is very similar to other breach licence scams we have seen over the last several months. It is a setup to dupe a lawyer into wiring good funds from a trust account after depositing a fraudulent cheque received in payment of damages. Here is a copy of the message the lawyers received: From: Elias Machta [] Sent: Tuesday, June...
[Avoid a Claim] Real estate bad cheque fraud by Hideki Kazuhiro
A number of U.S. lawyers (in Florida and Texas) have notified us that they’ve been contacted by the purported Hideki Kazuhiro to act on real estate transactions that look like an attempt at a bad cheque fraud. As with scams of this type, it appears that this fraud is a set-up for a request to return real estate deal deposit monies paid with a bad cheque. For a full description of how this fraud works and a list of names associated with it, see our Confirmed Fraud page. Here is the email:...
[Law Technology Today] Digital Dictation and Transcription Primer
Managing time can be a challenge in the best of circumstances, and the changing dynamics of the profession in recent years only seems to be making matters worse. While lawyers employ many strategies to deal with the time crunch, dictation is one of the most traditional—and for good reason. When used carefully, dictation allows lawyers to save time drafting simple documents, reduce lengthy meetings into useable transcripts, or simply to organize their thoughts as they jump from matter to matter...
[Law Technology Today] Comparison of Metadata Ethics Opinions
By now, most lawyers have at least a passing familiarity with the term “metadata,” which refers to the hidden layer of information embedded in most electronic documents.  Metadata is often described as “data about data” because it largely consists of information regarding a document’s origins, including who created it, when it was last opened, and what software was used. But metadata can also contain more consequential data, like the record of changes made to a...
[Compujurist] Track Changes in MS Word mobile Documents using Byte Squared app
I was recently asked if there was a way to track changes on a mobile device in MS Word devices. At that time I wasn't aware of any app having this capability. That has changed (at least for iOS devices) with the release of Office2 (Office Squared) from Byte2 (Byte Squared) in the UK. Sean Doherty over at LTN News has reported in his article Byte Squared Releases Mobile Office Tool With 'Track Changes' that Byte Squared is the first app provider out of the gate with this technology
[Law Technology Today] Apple WWDC Keynote Highlights
Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) always generates a lot of excitement and a lot of headlines.  This year, we’ve read all of the coverage so you don’t have to. Here are the key highlights: Existing MacBook Air and Pro lines received an overall bump in specs, including faster processors.  Some prices dropped slightly. A new model of MacBook Pro was announced, featuring a thinner and lighter form factor and a high quality “Retina” display similar...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Get it Done! Mind Hack Tips from Lifehacker
Lifehacker is one of my favorite Web sites.  It is a little bit of everything, with an emphasis on tips, tricks, technology, and getting things done.  Two posts in May really caught my eye.  The first was about to-do lists.  Here is an excerpt: To-do lists are just a nagging reminder of all the things you [...]
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam by May Wang of Heidelberg China Ltd
Two Ontario lawyers received an email from the purported May Wang of Heidelberg China Ltd with regards to a commercial debt litigation scam. For examples of other names attached to this kind of fraud see our Confirmed Fraud Page. For an explanation of how this fraud works see our Fraud Fact Sheet. Here is the initial email: From: May Wang [] Sent: June-08-12 12:46 PM To: lawyer name Subject: re: unpaid/delayed invoices Sir, We ask of your proffessional...