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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Oregon Law Practice Management] Stop the Insanity Word Users! Get Snapnumbers Now
If automatic numbering in Microsoft Word drives you nutty, then you need Snapnumbers from the folks at Snapdone. Snapnumbers is a free Word add-in that allows you to number paragraphs naturally without regard to Word styles or the underlying format of … Continue reading →
[Law Technology Today] Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology
On the eLawyering Blog, Richard Granat has posted 11 Top Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology, an excellent starting point for learning what law schools are teaching students today about law practice technology. The list is part of an effort the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force is making to identify the law schools offering courses on the “intersection of internet technologies and the practice of law.” It’s also in part an effort to honor the memory of the late Gary Munneke, who advocated...
[Law Practice Advisor] The Three Marketeers: Whom You’ll Need to Market Your Law Practice
Three has always been held up as a mystical number: the Trinity; Larry Bird; the titular reworking of the Three Musketeers; etc. It just so happens that you also need three people to market a modern law practice. The good thing is: there’s very little mysticism about it. Content. A modern marketing platform starts with content. The most successful lawyers have always used publication as a mechanism for becoming known for their expertise in their fields. It still works. The difference...
[Avoid a Claim] practicePRO Resource: A checklist for avoiding conflicts on lateral lawyer transfers
Lateral hiring of partners or associates occurs at firms of every size, and is becoming far more common. In addition to reviewing the transferring lawyer’s credentials and suitability, the transferring lawyer and firm will need to identify and deal with potential conflicts of interest that may arise with respect to clients at the transferring lawyer’s previous firm, and in particular, clients for whom the transferring lawyer worked. This critical task is not as easy as it might seem on first...
[Law Technology Today] If you like us, “like” us!
The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is proud to announce the launch of its official Facebook page: Converse with us beyond the 140 character limit! “Like” us to receive updates on the LTRC’s resources such as webinars, publications, the latest blog posts from Law Technology Today and to join conversations on legal technology. We greatly appreciate your interest in the LTRC and look forward to connecting in new ways! The post If you like us, “like...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] CBA LPMT Co-Sponsors LOMAP Third Annual Marketing Conference
FYI, the Chicago Bar Association Law Practice Management is co-sponsoring the Mass LOMAP  annual marketing conference which occurs on May 16. The ‘Third Annual Super Marketing Conference: Accelerate Your Marketing’ will focus on web marketing.  As always, there is an impressive lineup of speakers covering subjects germane to lawyer advertising online.  Avvo Founder and CEO Mark Britton will be the keynote speaker, and will address ‘Ten Opportunities Lawyers Miss in Online Marketing’. Check out ...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Washington State Administrative Office of Courts Hacked
The Associated Press is reporting that 160,000 social security numbers were exposed when the Washington State Administrative Office of Courts was hacked in late 2012 or early 2013. “The breach happened due to vulnerability in an Adobe Systems Inc. software … Continue reading →
[Avoid a Claim] Dotting all the “i”s
I have a songwriter friend who reports that the hardest part of writing a song is finishing it. She finds that her enthusiasm for writing means that she loves the initial burst of creative energy, but she has trouble keeping herself on task for the polishing process: When a song is nearly finished, she finds herself eager to begin a new one. Luckily for my friend, she’s often the only person who feels her work is unfinished – everyone else just hears a great song, not a work in progress....
[Law Technology Today] Coming Soon: Stephanie Kimbro’s “The Consumer Law Revolution”
LPM Publishing is delighted to announce that The Consumer Law Revolution: The Lawyer’s Guide to the Online Legal Marketplace by Stephanie L. Kimbro will be available in June. Pre-order your copy today for a 15% pre-publication discount! There is a revolution occurring in the delivery of legal services in the United States. Consumers in need of personal and business legal assistance are turning to the Internet to find lawyers, just like they shop online to buy consumer products. Firms that...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Keyboard Hints for your iPhone and iPad
Reblogged from sharechair: As part of my month-long anniversary series, some posts will include information covered previously. Hopefully this way new readers get to see things they missed and older readers might be reminded of things they have forgotten. (This … Continue reading →