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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Practice Advisor] Communication Breakdown: The Two Things You Can Do on Twitter
This week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. In this week’s tip, we’re relaying an effective double-barreled technique for engaging on Twitter. Read the Tip here.
[Avoid a Claim] Scam emails threatening Ontario lawyers
Four Ontario lawyers have reported to us that they have received emails claiming to be from a person hired by a disgruntled convict to “eliminate” them for their firm’s part in having them convicted of some crime. The message offers to spare the lawyer in return for payment. These emails are a lawyer-specific variant of an email scam that appears from time to time, in which the recipient is told that a hit has been taken out on them by someone anonymous that they’ve...
[Law Technology Today] Coming soon from LPM Publishing: “Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers”
LPM will publish Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers by Ernie Svenson later this month! Pre-order your copy with a 15% discount today. Until a few years ago, only the largest firms could afford to engage an audience of millions. Now, lawyers in any size firm can reach a global audience at little to no cost–all because of blogs. An effective blog can help you promote your practice, become more “findable” online, and take charge of how you are perceived by clients, journalists and...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Hot off the Presses: Acrobat XI – What Can it Do for Lawyers?
On Monday Adobe announced the release of Acrobat XI.  According to Rick Borstein, author of the Acrobat for Legal Professionals blog, “the latest version of Acrobat offers many new features that will be valuable to legal professionals.”  Rick will post more in the coming weeks, but for now, here is his top 10 list of [...]
[Law Technology Today] 5 Steps to a Better Backup Strategy
Securing and protecting your firm’s data is essential. Client files, important communications and valuable work product often exist exclusively in digital format today, and thus a major data loss could have catastrophic professional and ethical ramifications. Whether you’re revisiting an existing backup strategy or seriously implementing one for the first time, we’ve put together a five-step plan to help you make sure you’re covering your bases. Step 1: Analyze The first step in developing a...
[Compujurist] Why Drop $30 for the Apple Lightning Adapter when you can spend $19 and be Smarter.
Great post on lifehacker Get a Cheaper iPhone 5 Charger by Skipping the 30-Pin Adapter about saving yourself some cash by just saying no to the latest expensive Apple adapter. It seems that buried on the Apple website is a USB to Lightning cable - no 30 pin conversion required.
[Avoid a Claim] Nine rules to help family law clients and their lawyers avoid social media dangers
This article by Dan Pinnington (VP, Claims Prevention & Stakeholder Relations at LAWPRO) originally appeared in the July 20 issue of The Lawyers Weekly published by LexisNexis Canada Inc. Family law lawyers should keep in mind that their 20 and 30-something clients grew up with technology. They live online 7/24. Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram pictures, texting and tweeting are intertwined in the fabric of their daily lives. Young people also tend to be very open and will post...
[SC Small Firm] Laptop Privacy Filters
If you occasionally work on your laptop in a coffee shop, an airport, a meeting room, any public place, is your work protected from the curious eyes of the people around you? You may want to consider adding a privacy filter to your screen. Privacy filters narrow the viewing angle so that only the person looking directly at the screen can read your data. These filters also help protect the screens from damage and reduce glare while allowing you to work comfortably in public without worrying...
[Law Technology Today] Quick Tip: Combine Multiple Links
Need to share a list of links?  Normally this is easy: just open an email or Word document and paste the links in.  But how do you share that list of links in the era of Twitter and Facebook? The obvious but less-than-desirable answer is to spam your followers with a series of posts or status updates, each of which includes one or two links. This may get the job done, but it’ll surely also earn the ire of your friends and colleagues. Try an easier method: a link combiner.  With a link...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] A Map to Help Navigate the Potential Hazards of Serving Clients on a Budget
In today’s difficult economic environment, it’s not unusual for lawyers to find themselves dealing with requests for representation from clients of limited means, or clients who want to keep their legal fees at a minimum. The economic issues these types of requests raise is but one consideration: Access to justice – which has become a prominent issue in Ontario lately – also figures in the equation. Instead of turning away clients with limited budgets, lawyers often consider ways of providing...