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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Oregon Law Practice Management] 30 Twitter Tips on Marketing, Social Media, and Technology
And now my final installment of news that may have passed you by in June.  The best of the best on marketing, social media, and technology posted on Twitter last month: Marketing and Social Media 5 Reasons To Measure Social Media Return on Investment (RT@smexaminer RT @Mike_Stelzner RT @NancyMyrland RT @AdvertisingLaw) How to Use LinkedIn Emails [...]
[Reid My Blog] Attorney at Large: The New Must-Have Field Guide for Lawyers
The folks at Attorney at Work have published Attorney at Large, a terrific new resource for lawyers to help make business and leisure travel more productive and less of a hassle.  Filled with first-hand tips from frequent travelers in our profession, including yours truly, this free guide is well worth downloading and keeping on file to help make travel easier, but to help make your work easier and more productive when on the road. No longer is it necessary to leave the office behind when on...
[Law Technology Today] This Week in Tech – July 6th
Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of July 6th: An interesting chart shows that the ratio of PCs-to-Macs sold has dropped significantly over the last eight years. Look for a critical Internet Explorer 9 patch sometime next week. Cisco ran into some controversy regarding features added to their higher-end Linksys routers. At SecureList, details on a new malware threat targeting Mac OS X users. Amazon Web Services suffered some downtime last weekend...
[PA Law Practice Management] Are Your Apple Apps Crashing?
I have been having a lot of difficulty downloading and updating my iPhone software and apps.  I thought it was just me until I came upon a recent article in CNET Daily News pointing a finger at the App store.  If you’re having a problem, you may want to report it to Apple, instead of just assuming you’re the only one with the problem, or it’s just a temporary glitch. Recently I received a survey from Apple to complete.  They may regret requesting my feedback, because it was...
[Law Technology Today] Say Goodbye to iGoogle
As part of an ongoing effort to focus its business, Google announced earlier this week that it’ll be shutting down several more of its less active products.  The products getting the axe this round include Google Mini, Google Video, and perhaps most significantly iGoogle. For those who aren’t familiar iGoogle, it offered users a personalized home page integrated with Google’s search bar.  Users could add “gadgets” for a variety of functionality, including weather...
[Law Technology Today] Send Fewer E-mails and Help Save World Productivity (An Excerpt from “The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success”)
Excerpted and adapted from The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice by Reid F. Trautz and Dan Pinnington. We all have a tendency to send and reply to e-mail messages when it is not absolutely necessary. E-mail messages are just so darn easy to create and send. In North America alone, tens of billions of e-mail messages are sent every day. All those messages end up in someone’s inbox. Time to think globally and act locally. You can help. Before you hit Send...
[Avoid a Claim] Debt collection scam by Akihiro Hotaka
Three Ontario lawyers have notified us that they’ve received an email from the purported Akihiro Hotaka looking to retain them with regards to a breach of a loan agreement. This is similar to other frauds of this kind we have seen. For a full description of how this fraud works and to see other names attached to it, see our Confirmed Fraud page that deals with business loan frauds. Here is the email: Subject: I know you will be able to assist me because i went through your profile. Date...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Power Down: Business Continuity Planning for Law Firms
The derecho that swept from Chicago to Washington DC on Friday, June 29 left millions in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic without power for days. A post in Forbes highlights our increasing reliability on the power grid, and the need for diversification of risk with cloud services to avoid downtime. Business continuity plans are designed to [...]
[Law Technology Today] Tech Check-in with the PMAs
The practice management advisors working for state and local bar associations around the United States and Canada are some of the foremost experts on legal technology.  If you aren’t following them, you’re missing out on some great, timely content. Here are some recent tech-highlights from their blogs: Catherine Sanders Reach from the Chicago Bar Association shared a link to a great step-by-step tutorial for setting up Google Docs Offline. Jim Calloway from the Oklahoma Bar...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Keep Feeding Your Tweets to LinkedIn
Recently LinkedIn announced that due to an updated Twitter policy users can no longer have their tweets automatically appear as updates in LinkedIn. LinkedIn suggests that you update your status in LinkedIn and send it to Twitter, rather than sending tweets to LinkedIn. However, for many, that may not be an optimal workflow. Most lawyers [...]